Why PSG won the most in a crazy venture called the Super League

The Parisians, who in recent years have felt genuine dislike from many fans and functionaries because of the incredible wealth that came to their house along with the owners from Qatar, were initially considered by the ideologists of the Super League as one of the key participants in the tournament – they say, who, if not PSG understand the role of money in the modern world, and therefore it is useless to give up the possibility of making money on their own. But in fact, the bosses of the French grandeur categorically opposed the Super League, simultaneously leaving out of this tournament such first-magnitude stars of our time as Neymar and Kilian Mbappé.

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Together with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain formed a small but extremely self-confident core of the top clubs that refused to join the Super League and offered their solid shoulder to the seemingly shaken positions of UEFA and FIFA. Moreover, PSG deftly took advantage of the decision of twelve “apostates” to leave the Association of European Clubs, as a result of which the president of the Parisian club Nasser Al-Khelaifi was elected its new head. On his first appearance in a new role, this functionary violently attacked the Super League.

It is important to emphasize that PSG did not hit the foundations of the football hierarchy, which are honored in FIFA and UEFA, having relied on continued participation in the Champions League. If you understand this issue a little deeper, it becomes obvious that it could not have been otherwise, because in the leadership of PSG they are not fools sitting to shoot themselves in the foot. After all, the television rights to broadcast the Champions League belong to BeIN Sports, which is subordinate to the Qatari government and is headed by the same sheikh Al-Khelaifi as president.

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What the Qatari government still did not want to allow in any way was that the 2022 World Cup they had won with such difficulty would be devalued because of some kind of European Super League. If FIFA and UEFA excluded the players of the Super League participating clubs from international competitions under their auspices, the audience, and then sponsorship, interest in the tournament would plummet, and this is extremely disadvantageous for Qatar, either from an economic or from a reputation point of view.

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