Why The World Of Mobile Gaming Continues To Grow 

The easily accessible world of mobile gaming is now a globally enjoyed phenomenon. It offers the ability to captivate players with its accessibility, and numerous diverse game offerings. In comparison to console and PC gaming, it has plenty of unique advantages. From ease of access to social connectivity, these are some of the reasons why the world of mobile gaming continues to expand.


One of the key reasons mobile gaming is so enjoyable is the fact it offers users complete ease of access to their favorite gaming titles. All you need to game on the go is a smartphone with an internet connection (either WiFi or via your mobile carrier). With smartphones being an integral part of most of our daily lives, the ability to play your favorite games is no longer dictated by being stuck at home. 

No longer are you bound by a laptop, desktop computer, or gaming console. Instead, gaming is just a few taps away from you, no matter where you are. Whether you’re busy commuting via a taxi, waiting in line at the shops, or relaxing at a hotel, the ability to dive into a game within seconds is now even more convenient. 

Free-to-Play Options

Everybody loves a freebie, which is why the free-to-play model remains one of the most prevalent and successful in the world of mobile gaming. It allows players to access a vast array of games without having to pay any upfront costs, and even then, to choose what type of payment type they wish to make within the game. 

While some games do offer optional in-app purchases, many provide are happy to provide an enjoyable experience without requiring any type of financial investment beyond opt-in seasonal events, or item buy-ins. This ensures mobile gaming remains accessible to a wider audience, and developers get to pick and choose what type of items or events they wish to charge a fee for, going forward. 

Social Connectivity

For most mobile games there’s a large emphasis placed on social connectivity. This allows players to interact and compete in tasks and quests alongside local friends and other gamers who are located globally. Multiplayer experiences are a huge draw, and being a part of something requiring timing, strategy, and skill such as clan battles, creates an undeniably strong pull towards feeling a sense of community and competition. These types of social features are what help to make the overall mobile gaming experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Constant Variety

The variety of games available on mobile platforms is quite astonishing. From casual puzzles and arcade classics to immersive RPGs and competitive multiplayer titles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

While Steam is an option for all, most niche mobile gamers head to the Apple App Store or the Android favorite: the Google Play Store, as both of these options house an extensive library of apps and games. Spend some time delving into this and you’ll find an array of games that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, which ensures that all eager game seekers will find the right genre of games that resonate with them. Be it action, adventure, puzzle, strategy, skill or luck, everything from casino games like those available at Bella Vegas casino to racing games and brick builders like Tetris can be found.

Innovative Gameplay With AR

One of the largest draws of mobile games is that they will more often than not often leverage the unique features of smartphones. Things such as touchscreens, audio advancements, AR via camera features, as well as accelerometers and gyroscopes, are all used by mobile gamers to create an immersive and innovative gameplay experience for players. Intuitive touch controls and stunning visuals are a mainstay staple for most immersive mobile games nowadays, while you have other games that work on creating realistic augmented reality experiences. 

One of the best examples of this is Pokémon GO which incorporate augmented reality (AR) to blend the virtual world on the screen with the real world you are surrounded by which gives the game added depth and a new layer of immersion. However, there are plenty of other AR games that have mobile gamers enraptured with the progressive storylines and side quests that are available. 

Ingress Prime and the fantasy-fan favorite, Dragon Quest Walk are an example of this type of AR quest-style games. Not to mention the fact that there are even fitness-geared AR games available nowadays that have a mass fan following, such as Zombies, Run! and The Walk. Regardless of what kind of mobile game style you like, chances are you’ll easily find one with AR features that you can fall in love with and want to connect with daily.


The ability of mobile devices to remain portable enhances the fun factor of gaming, especially in AR games. Unlike traditional gaming consoles or PCs, mobile phones can be taken with you, anywhere you want to go. This type of gaming flexibility allows players to seamlessly integrate gaming into their lifestyle. This allows gamers to enjoy their preferred form of entertainment during their downtime or when seeking a quick escape from the mundane.

Constant Changes Via Updates and Events

The need most of us have for new is undeniable. Mobile game developers tap into this and in mobile gaming, you’ll find that they often roll out updates, events, and challenges within the span of a weeks or months, which helps to keep the gaming experience fresh and exciting for all players. 

Events like seasonal updates or holiday gear, limited-time offers, and in-game competitions, create a sense of anticipation for those who play. This is part of what helps to encourage players to keep coming back for new content and rewards, as they grow their in-game character, village, clan, or kingdom. 

Mobile gaming’s main pull is the fact it provides an easily accessible escape during free hours for a global audience. The ability gamers have to access their favorite games and discover new and diverse game selection while engaging in immersive game features ensures mobile gaming is only going to continue to grow and provide even more benefits to an eager audience. 

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