WoW WotLK Classic: Everything About Gearscore

Since World of Warcraft Classic was launched, the community has been constantly innovating and actively developing techniques to evaluate the power of different characters. At the beginning, the assessment only included the detailed inspections of gear, which are usually before the raid. This evaluation method is obviously not specific. Later, Retail WoW upgraded the above techniques and added an item rating system, which can automatically calculate the average item level. When your character has more advanced equipment, the system will also update relevant data in real time.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion was just released a few days ago. It is not appropriate to continue to use the old evaluation system. Therefore, the community has developed a new system called Gearscore, which further optimizes the previously mentioned item level system. There is no doubt that the system has been hotly discussed by players as soon as it was published. This guide is mainly to help you better understand the functions, evaluation methods, importance and relevant basic knowledge of the system of Gearscore.

What is Gearscore?

As a new system designed by the community, Gearscore can help players easily evaluate their character strength when playing WOTLK Classic. To be exact, the system can make statistics on all items equipped by players, such as enchants and gems, especially totems and librams, and show them directly in the form of data. Not only that, this system can also show the previous game experience, knowledge, and even skill level data, which is convenient for players to compare. 

In order to make the character have the best statistics in all aspects, players often obtain many good weapons and equipment by fighting against opponents of opposing factions and raiding with guild members. Even so, the best weapons and equipment in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic are extremely difficult to obtain. Players still need to prepare a large number of WOW Gold WOTLK to buy these equipments. If you are worried about lacking of gold, just visit, where you can buy WOTLK Classic Gold you need.

Highlights And Shortcomings Of Gearscore

Since its release and use by players, Gearscore has received mixed reviews from different players. 

Some players praise the system endlessly. They believe that the openness and transparency of Gearscore makes it easy for them to select excellent members for their teams. Because, the system can directly find the player’s previous game process and his character’s equipment. Secondly, players can make up for their lack of equipment after measuring their character’s strength with Gearscore. In this way, among the players who are also going to participate in a dungeon run, the players with sophisticated and enhanced equipment will have more advantages than the casual players. 

Similarly, no matter what kind of system it is, it will not be perfect. And there will be some areas that need to be optimized, including Gearscore. This feature of survival of the fittest is not very friendly to players with poor equipment. Nevertheless, Gearscore is still a good basement for players who want to select teammates for their instance run. It can not only help them directly filter out low equipment players, but also quickly screen out excellent players who can play an important role in their team.

Why Gearscore Is So Important?

In the current version, Gearscore can not only help the players themselves, but also help the WoW community to measure whether the players have reached the minimum gear requirements and whether they can perform well in a dungeon run. In short, the system is equivalent to a performance tool. Although the practice of using Gearscore to select equally excellent members to form teams and eliminate casual players will make some players very angry. However, this is a very realistic problem. If you want to make your dungeon run smooth enough, you must select members with enough damage and treatment. 

From a certain point of view, the evaluation data provided by Gearscore is completely based on the players’ own efforts.

A Way To Calculate Gearscore

In WOTLK Classic, addons are the main method to calculate your equipment score. Of course, for those players who do not want to master the formulas used by various plug-ins, they can also use the old and trusted manual calculation tools. The method of calculating the Gearscore can be based on your personal preference. However, in this case, using the relevant addons of Gearscore is the simplest way to calculate your Gearscore.

That’s all of this guide. You must have known that Gearscore is a system for evaluating the power of players’ characters. In order to become stronger in the game, you would better find more ways to help yourself become stronger, such as seek for famous WOTLK Classic servicer, which provide you free guides and cheap WOTLK Gold for sale on any US/EU servers. Now, you can buy WoW WOTLK Classic Gold with various safe payments and ample deals. Act fast!

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