How to Watch Netflix on Roku in 2024

The streaming service is available to users on various platforms, including the user-friendly Roku gadget. Although the interface refers to them as Channels, users may access Netflix on Roku thanks to a simple installation process. You may use your regional Netflix library and bypass restrictions to access Netflix libraries around the world by using one of our preferred VPNs.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure the Roku device is set up and connected to the internet
  • From the main screen, visit the Roku Channel Shop
  • Select “Search” and type “Netflix” into the search box
  • To get and set up the Netflix app on your Roku device, select it from the sequence of search results and click Add Channel
  • Start the Netflix app on the Roku TV box
  • If you currently have a Netflix account, sign in with it
  • After logging in, you may access the Netflix
  • Select the show or film you want to view by exploring the Netflix app’s menus with the remote control
  • Experience your favorite Netflix TV shows and films

What is Roku TV

Using Roku media players and smart TVs, users may stream digital content directly to their TVs, including television shows, films, music, and games. Since then, the Roku platform has expanded into one of the largest streaming services worldwide.

Many streaming sites, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, are available with Roku. We can use the Roku smartphone app as an audio remote for solitary hearing by users. Roku products offer the best streaming experience for any budget. From the cheaper Roku Extreme to the top-tier Roku Ultra, all Roku devices have capabilities that make watching a breeze.

The Top VPNs to Watch Netflix on Roku

  1. ExtremeVPN: It is one of the top-notch VPNs with excellent features and robust security. It also provides friendly customer support. Utilizing Netflix on Roku is incredibly helpful.
  2. ExpressVPN: It offers a wide range of servers and top-notch security methods to safeguard your privacy. Accessing blocked websites and content is incredibly effective using it.
  3. NordVPN: It has high-security measures and encryption in place. It is a user-friendly VPN service that shields customers’ data from prying eyes. It is excellent for streaming content that is not available in some regions.

1. ExtremeVPN

The best option is ExtremeVPN. Its service is well-known for providing a selection of servers and simplifying secure internet access. It offers fast streaming rates and limitless data for Netflix while accessing Roku.

The VPN offers secure encryption to its users as a form of privacy safeguard. Customers of the service praise it for providing them with quick and secure connections. It is famous for having numerous servers accessed from multiple locations worldwide. It may be necessary to evaluate illegal content along with additional issues anywhere.


  • 24/7 client assistance
  • Seven days of risk-free testing are available
  • A 30-day window for refunds
  • An extensive number of servers are available
  • Excellent security features


  • It does not have dedicated IPs

2. ExpressVPN

It is a reputable VPN in the industry. It has numerous servers dispersed over more than 94 nations that use the service people with rapid and secure connections. On Netflix, users may view high-quality videos without lag due to the VPN’s unlimited bandwidth plan and quick connection servers.

For instance, AES-256-bit encryption encrypts user information, making it more difficult for outsiders to steal it. Additionally, it includes excellent privacy and security protections.


  • Numerous protocols
  • characteristic of split tunneling
  • No-logs policy
  • A 30-day money-back policy


  • Has very expensive plans

3. NordVPN

A trustworthy VPN on the scene is NordVPN. The service is well-known for offering a variety of servers and making secure online access easier. It provides Netflix access with unlimited data and quick streaming speed. Split tunneling, a no-logs approach, DNS leak protection, a built-in kill switch, etc., are some of its additional crucial features. Because of the 30-day money-back warranty policy, you may register for their service without fear of losing money.


  • Consistent speed
  • Ideal privacy and safety features
  • A large number of servers
  • Split tunneling is available.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Torrenting is not available on a few servers.

How Do Roku Gadgets Operate?

Here are some steps to easily understand how the devices operate:

  • Getting ready: Connecting your Roku device to the internet through WiFi or TV via an HDMI cable is an initial step in preparing for streaming.
  • Obtaining content: Once your Roku device is set up. You can access numerous streaming avenues in the Roku Channel Store.
  • Channel addition: You can add whatever channel you want on your Roku device by selecting it and following the instructions on the screen.
  • Streaming media: After installing the channel, you can browse its content. You can also select the show or movie you wish to watch. The Roku device continues to stream the content right to your TV.
  • Remote control: You may browse channels, utilize voice searches, and use your cell phone as an antenna for your Roku device.

What Content is Available on Roku

Here are some explanations of the available content on Roku:

  • Films and TV shows: Roku allows access to well-known streaming sites. It includes Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These websites offer a wide variety of content. You may find unique content, popular TV shows, and films from different networks and firms.
  • Music and Live TV: Several streaming services on the Roku structure offer live TV, like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and many more. For music lovers, the top three music streaming options on Roku are Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. These websites let users create custom lists, listen to different songs, and discover new artists.
  • Sports: Sports fans can view channels, including live sports and summaries. On some stations, you can also find sports news and analysis.
  • Games and Education: Roku devices allow you to play games on your screen, from simple to more complex ones. Science, technology, history, and current events are just a few topics Roku addresses.

Does Roku have Netflix Support?

One of the most popular sites for streaming on the Roku network is Netflix. You can download Netflix on your Roku device easily. After installing the device, you will immediately access the entire Netflix library of films and TV shows.

The Netflix software for Roku devices offers the same features as other devices, including surfing and looking for content, creating personalized profiles, and obtaining captions and alternate songs. Roku’s adaptable and useful streaming service can stream our preferred internet material.

Verify Your Roku’s Compatibility with Netflix

You bought a Roku device, but it won’t stream Netflix. Roku recently stopped supporting some outdated hardware, which makes it hard for Netflix to maintain the latest version of its app.

Although Roku devices always have Netflix’s support, some out-of-date or obsolete models need to be updated.

Recent updates to the Netflix app may require hardware or software features unavailable on older Roku devices. Roku units of the initial and subsequent versions no longer support Netflix. Netflix would work with your device if it were created after 2011. Use the most recent Roku model because older models are no longer supported. So, it makes sense to minimize the danger.

Is Netflix Not Available on Roku?

Here are a few tips for fixing this issue:

  • Verify your internet connection: Make sure to check the internet connection of your Roku device
  • Restart your device: If you face any issues, restart your Roku device; it may solve some problems
  • Update: To overcome issues, update your Roku device and Netflix’s app
  • Clear cache: Clearing the cache of the Netflix app may work for you in solving problems
  • Re-install: After these steps, re-install the app on your Roku device

Go to the Roku channel store and find “Netflix” in the channels. After selecting the app, press “OK.” And install this app by selecting “Add channel.” After installing the app, sign in and start streaming.

How Can I Link a Different Device to my Roku?

  • Smartphone: Connect to the same WiFi network as your phone or tablet. Go to “Settings” and search for “Devices,” then connect your Roku device and start streaming.
  • Computer or PC: First, connect to the same WiFi and use “Screen Mirroring” to connect your device to your PC.
  • Gaming devices and Speakers: Install the Roku app on dedicated devices and log in to your account to start streaming. The same goes for the smart speaker connected to the same WiFi; you can link your device.


Now that streaming technology has advanced, Netflix is available on Roku devices. Roku is a convenient and approachable streaming device for Netflix. Setting up the device, downloading the Netflix app, and signing in to your account is necessary. When everything is prepared, you can start watching your favorite movie content.

The biggest advantage of using Roku to stream Netflix is its simplicity. Additionally, Roku devices provide a user-friendly interface that makes finding the content you seek simple. Besides the comfort that makes watching Netflix more convenient, Roku offers several other capabilities.


How much does Netflix on Roku cost?

You need a Netflix membership; no other cost is required.

How can I stop Netflix on my Roku?

Open the Netflix app on the Roku device and cancel your membership there.

Does the Roku Streaming Stick support Netflix streaming?

Netflix might be streamed using a Roku Streaming Stick. The Netflix app may be downloaded to begin watching right now.

How can Netflix codes be used on Roku?

Specific Netflix content can be quickly found on a Roku device using Netflix codes. To use the codes, open the Netflix app on your Roku device and select “Search.”

How Do I Set Up A Roku VPN?

Sign up for a VPN service provider to set up a Roku VPN. After choosing a VPN service, you must configure a VPN profile on the Roku device.

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