10 Essential Tips for class 6 Olympiad Exam Preparation

Every exam requires some kind of strategy and planning which helps not only in scoring well in the exam but also makes the journey much more smooth. One must have a clear plan in mind before starting with the preparation for the examination. We will look at the 10 essential tips which are very important for every participant to keep in mind for getting a good score in the Olympiad.

  1. Understand which subjects you want to appear for. It is very important to understand and figure out the subjects in which you want to sit for the Olympiad exam. So, there are a variety of subjects from which you can choose like Math, English, Science, Social Sciences, Cyber and so on. Do the research well. This step is where one should tale assistance from the parents and the teachers. They can help you in gathering the essential information to make a decision. Once you have decided on the subjects you can then move towards your preparation.
  2. Know the syllabus- This tip is very important for your preparation. One must have a clear idea of the syllabus of the examination. It is recommended to take a printout of the syllabus and paste it right above your study area. This will help you in familiarizing yourself with the syllabus. One might observe that a lot of topics from the syllabus are similar to the syllabus of your school curriculum. Your strategy should be following the syllabus.
  3. The exam pattern should be clear- This is again as important as knowing the syllabus. You must have a fair understanding of the exam pattern, like if the exam is objective or subjective, the number of questions, marking scheme, etc. The format of the question paper gives you an idea of how you will be preparing for the questions. An example of this would be that a subjective question needs a different approach than an objective one. So one needs to know the pattern of the Question paper.
  4. Start as early as possible and know the books and relevant sources – The Olympiad is an exam that requires extensive practice and understanding. Getting a head start will offer you an advantage. This will ensure that you give sufficient time to every topic and nothing gets neglected due to lack of time. Also, this will allow you to have ample time for revision. The books and sources also are important factors. You need to prepare from your course books and practice the topics thoroughly. In addition to this, you can also refer to various workbooks which are available specifically for Olympiad for different subjects. The workbooks will allow you to explore the questions from different topics and practice them well.  
  5. Plan your day and be consistent- One must plan their day effectively. Divide the day for the different topics and sections. Prioritize the ones which you find difficult or boring. Also keep in mind the question paper pattern, which topics have more weightage in terms of marks. One must be consistent during the preparation and should stick to the daily study schedule.
  6. Have an In-depth understanding of the concepts and handwritten notes- Olympiad is not a regular school examination. You will be competing with students from schools all over India. It is a challenging examination. So for this, you need to go beyond the school level. It requires the students to have an in-depth understanding of the topics. One should not just try and brush away any topic. The questions are often based on conceptual clarity and facts, which require thorough knowledge about the concepts in the syllabus. In addition to this, handwritten notes are very important. It helps you in memorizing things. And these notes will be handy in your revision days.
  7. Previous year Papers play a major role- This is very much important to have a fair idea of how your preparation is going and how much you can perform. This will help you in understanding your weak areas and your mistakes. You will be able to find the areas on which you need to work more and the areas in which you just need revision. For example, if you are preparing for IMO, you can solve the Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 6 Maths 2015 or if you are appearing for IEO, you can do the same for the English subject.
  8. Revision is the key- All the preparation would go in vain if you don’t revise regularly. The topics you have covered should be revised at regular intervals. You should not delay it for the last few months. For example, you have completed a particular topic and now you are moving on to the next one, do not just leave the first concept. Revise them regularly so that you don’t forget the concepts at the end.
  9. The Internet can be your best friend- These days everything is there in the virtual world. You can always look up any concepts or topics on the internet. Also, there is a lot of test series available for the students to practice the questions and ace up their preparation.
  10. Stay calm and relaxed- It is essential to be calm and relaxed during preparation. It is suggested to indulge in some kind of sports activity to release stress and have a break from the study schedule. Being relaxed is important to perform well. This will help you concentrate well.

These 10 tips will help you in getting a good score in your Olympiad exam. Keep these in mind during your preparation and follow them to see the results. Best wishes to all of the students.

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