My Worst Mistakes While Writing a College Essay

Sometimes, students make the worst mistakes while writing essays that even can’t be imagined. Such mistakes make their teachers laugh but obviously, these mistakes don’t let the students score higher. 

The tiny, silly mistakes sometimes ruin the whole effort of the students. This post will extract some of the most common mistakes that almost all the students make and the possible ways to resolve them.

The Worst Mistakes Students Make While Writing College Essays

Following are the major mistakes that you may make unconsciously while doing your college essays. 

  • Why There Are So Many Silly Grammar Mistakes?

If you read your essay after getting done with writing, you will observe that there will be countless grammar mistakes. Somewhere the comma is missing or the comma is used instead of a semi-colon. 

Sometimes, in a hurry students change the tenses and they don’t even realize. Even sometimes they change the gender of the characters by using his for a girl and her for a boy while rushing over words.

  • Your Spelling Mistakes Are So Disgusting 

The most common spelling mistake is like ‘Recieved’ instead of ‘Received’. Have you noticed the difference between the two spellings? The correct spelling is “Received”, but many students make this mistake. 

Also, sometimes life in the place of life and leave instead of leaf, are the most annoying and hilarious mistakes. Several spellings need concentration to be written correctly.

  • Are You Confused between Homophones?

Different meaning same sound. So much confusion… Right? My students make homophonic mistakes like using night instead of knight, or by instead or bye. These mistakes change the whole context of the sentence. 

  • Twenty-five words in a Single Sentence? No!

It is out of the senses that why students write so long sentences. A sentence that could easily be ended in fifteen words, students stretch them to twenty and twenty-five words with extra wordiness. Long sentences make the meaning ambiguous. Try to write concise sentences, please.

  • Have You Exceeded the Word Count?

The teachers are unable to understand why students disregard the word count. It is good if you have more knowledge than that you are required to add to your essays but you should not exceed the word limit. This mistake may annoy your teachers. Don’t be so efficient.

  • It Seems Like You Have Copied Something…

Students nowadays, copy the others’ content relevant to their essays’ topics, just to cope with their essays quickly. It’s completely wrong. No reason can justify this mistake because it’s not just a mistake, but a crime.

  • Unfortunately, You Have Used Wrong Referencing Style

It is observed that many students, mistakenly, use the wrong referencing styles. If you were supposed to use APA format and you have used MLA style, no matter how properly you have cited your essay, it will be of no use. 

How to Avoid These Mistakes?

You can avoid making mistakes while writing your college essays by considering the following points.

  • Please Don’t Follow Your Mood

A students’ mood never allows him to focus on his studies and the lack of concentration leads the students to make mistakes. In short, you should not follow your mood. Your mood will keep you distracted and engaged in useless thoughts. But, you need to fight against your mood and keep yourself attentive while writing the essays. 

  • Be Responsible – You Can Do It

You must have listened to this famous Bollywood dialogue that ‘Don’t underestimate the power of a common man’. So, you must believe in your abilities. Tell yourself that you can do it perfectly. Identify your strengths and work on your essays confidently.

  • Don’t Take Others’ Credit – Avoid Plagiarism

If you are copying others then please don’t do so. You must understand that your work should be your own. When you will write your UK Essays by yourself, you will realize how satisfying it feels when you read your original content.

  • Ask Professor Google to Resolve Your Concerns

If you don’t have information about the essay topic, don’t try to add vague ideas. Use Google for your assistance. Carry out authentic research using credible sources so that you can collect accurate information for your essays. There is a lot of Essay Help UK available online.

  • Be Smart – Use Editing and Proofreading Tools

With no doubt, students do hard work to get grades. But, smart work is also important to make a flawless attempt towards success. Using editing and proofreading tools is a wise option to remove all minor errors, especially grammar, spelling, and sentence structure mistakes.

Final Statement

Students should be aware of the mistakes they usually make while doing their university or college essays Also, a good student learns from his shortcomings and try not to repeat those mistakes. By showing constant improvement, students can achieve their goals. 

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