10 Time management tips and tricks for students

Time management is a challenge to some students. They have no idea how to allocate time to different tasks. They end up rushing during the last minute or even missing deadlines for their assignments. This article provides tips and tricks to help you manage your time.

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The best time management tips

1. Prioritize and define tasks

Write down all the tasks you have to complete in a day. When writing the tasks, ensure you indicate the deadlines for each task. This will help in arranging the tasks in the order of urgency. Even if the list is long, you can group the tasks that are school assignments, house works, shopping etc. and prioritize the most important ones.

You can begin doing the tasks that will take the least amount of time. This is because the tasks will take less time. By completing them you will have few tasks to complete. This will motivate you to work on the remaining ones.

2. Break up tasks

If you have big tasks to achieve, break them into small tasks. It is easier to complete small tasks than big ones. For example; if you have a 10-page assignment to complete by a certain date, you can divide the number of days with the pages. You get to know how many pages to write in a day. Breaking up tasks will help you avoid the last-minute rush.

3. Create a checklist

If you have a lot of tasks to achieve, you might end up forgetting some. To avoid this, write a list of things you want to achieve every day.

4. Create short term rewards

Every win deserves to be celebrated. Creating small rewards for achievements will motivate you to keep working. You can choose a time-based, activity or monetary rewards. E.g., if you want to buy a nice shoe, you can be saving money somewhere every time you complete a task. The urge to buy the shoes will motivate you to complete tasks faster.

5. Create a schedule

Create a timetable for your tasks. Ensure you balance all the tasks. To be productive enough, you need a break after every task. Also, ensure you create your leisure time. Too much work might make you dull.

6. Set achievable goals

It is advisable to aim high. This does not mean that you set unrealistic goals. Set small and achievable goals. The small wins will motivate you to accomplish larger tasks.  By setting achievable goals, you create a good habit of working towards achieving the goals every day. You can control your life and make a lot of changes.

7. Wake up early

Some students oversleep and as a result, they are not able to do all the tasks they have planned to do in the day. Go to bed early. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours continuously. If you are not used to it, start now. This helps in having a fresh morning and bright daytime.

If you start waking up early, you realize that your alarm will wake you up for a few days. After some time, you might not need the alarm. When you wake up early, you have all the time to complete all the tasks.

8. Get rid of distractions

In the digital world, distractions are everywhere. E.g., you might be trying to do your coursework writing, but get tempted to watch a video on YouTube. If you are working in a noisy environment, you might not concentrate on your tasks. Look for a quiet environment to do your tasks and avoid any distractions. If your phone distracts you, you can keep it in a different room.

9. Execute a task at a time

The brain has the capacity of concentrating on a task at a time. Doing many tasks at a time overworks your brain. This makes it not function appropriately. To manage your time properly, do every task at a time.

Check the time you spend doing different activities. Compare this to multitasking and you will see it is much better.

10. Create time to rest

Having enough time to rest increases your productivity. The functioning of the brain is minimized. Do not overwork your brain. Ensure you have enough sleep, take regular breaks and leisure time. Take enough water and vegetables. Avoid sugary foods and snacks. This will increase the level of your productivity.

To wrap up

Many students waste time doing unnecessary things. They end up missing assignments deadlines. This article has provided some tips and tricks for time management. You can take a few tips from time to time. This will help you set goals and achieve them. Choose the tips you find most beneficial to you and will adopt the others easily.

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