1. You can charge your phone faster

It’s annoying when you have to watch your phone slowly charging when you need to use it.  To save 30 minutes of your charging time, turn on airplane mode. So when you Buy iPhone X, remember that you can have a shorter charging time than most of us.

  1. You can take a hands-free photo with your iPhone

When you are wearing your headphones, simply press the volume button, and your phone will take a photo for you.

  1. Record a video and take a picture at the same time

When taking a video, iPhone X can allow you to take a picture at the same time. All you have to do is press the shutter icon right next to the video icon.

  1. You can set your phone to “self-destruct.”

Within your settings option, you are able to set your phone, so it erases all the data in it after 10 failed passcode attempts. Isn’t that cool? Just one of the many reasons to  Buy iPhone X.

  1. You Erase texts with by Simply Shaking your Hand

You can undo your typing before sending by simply shaking your phone, then pressing undo typing, and you can get it back by another shake and touching redo typing.

  1. You Can Ask Siri to Play Live Radio Stations

Siri on your iPhone can do more than just search the web and play music for you. You can ask Siri to play live radio stations.

  1. You can customize how your phone vibrates

Don’t like ringtones but still want to make a statement? Customize your iPhone’s vibrations for each person.

  1. You can Time How Long your Music Plays

You can nod off to your music without having it play all night lifestylemission.

  1. You can Improve Your Battery Life

By using spotlight, you can lengthen how long your battery lasts by closing apps that are pulling your battery.

  1. You Can Mute Unknown Callers

By tapping the option to “toggle silence unknown callers,” you can mute and avoid picking strange calls.

  1. You can set your phone to flash when you receive a notification

Under the accessibility part of the setting, you can enable LED Flash for Alerts. If you are not a fan of ringtones or vibrations, remember this trick when you  Buy iPhone X.

  1. You can Write on Your Email Attachments

You can annotate your email attachments to add more information to it.

  1. You Can Stop Your Apps from Asking for Feedback and Reviews

If you don’t want your apps to keep asking you for ratings and reviews, iPhone can allow you to mute them.

  1. You can Use Your Phone as a Spirit Level

You can use your iPhone to check how flat a surface is.

  1. You can Set Your Phone to “Do Not Disturb” When Driving

Sometimes it’s hard to follow the simple rule of “don’t text and drive.” When you hear a notification, it’s hard to ignore it. But with this setting, you can ventsmagazine.

  1. You Can Save Your Data Allowance

By limiting apps that have access to your data, you can save a few more.

  1. You Can Type to Siri

If you are in public and feel weird speaking to Siri, iPhone can allow you to type instead.

  1. You can Create Shortcuts for your Apps.

Shortcuts will help you with easy access to items you seek to use.

  1. Make your phone faster

By using the 3D touch, you can shave off a few seconds for each operation.

  1. Limit Phone Usage to be More Productive

Using screentime, it is possible to limit how much time you spend on your phone. getliker

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