4 Ways Students Can Earn Amid A Crisis

The pandemic is one of the biggest crises society has experienced in many years. Yet, despite its challenges, it has taught people how to respond to and survive during a crisis. Students are among the people that were most affected by the pandemic. This is because of their delayed studies and financial struggles. However, there are ways through which students can earn money even during a crisis like the pandemic.

Below are ways students can earn money amid a crisis;

Online writing

This is one of the most common ways through which students earn money. Online writing includes writing content intended for viewing on a computer, smartphone, and other digital devices. It is also often known as digital writing. The job may entail writing content for instant messaging, emails, blogs, and publications on various digital platforms. Companies, individuals, and various platforms usually hire writers to create content on specific topics and subjects to post on their platforms. You can get online writing jobs by sourcing direct clients or signing up to writing accounts as a student.

It is easy to earn money because you can do it remotely. Additionally, there are not too many requirements for becoming an online writer. Becoming an online writer as a student is easy since most students already have the skills required for this job. Such skills are; creative thinking, computer, and language. With these skills and a computer, you are good to go.

Translating Materials Online

Students can earn money amid a crisis by offering translation services. In a crisis like the pandemic, most organizations turn to the internet as the center for most of their operations. For most of these organizations, the ultimate goal is reaching large client numbers. This can be achieved by providing content that many clients can understand. This is where translation services come in.

When translating materials, you will have to convert information from one language to another. The information can be written, audio, or video-recorded. More often than not, translators convert the data into written text in another language. Most companies and individuals prefer getting translation services from individual translators instead of computer software and apps for better clarity and accuracy. If you are bi-lingual, you can take on translation as a source of income amid a crisis.


Offering professional transcription services, such as Swedish transcription job, is another incredible and easy way students can earn amid a crisis. Transcription is the process of converting an audio or video-recorded file into a written document that can be saved and shared. In the current digital wave, the need for transcription services has increased. Companies, organizations, and individuals hire audio transcription experts to help convert their data for better storage, collaboration, compliance, and other reasons. Therefore becoming a professional service provider will earn you good money.

Another good thing about this option is that you can do the work remotely. Additionally, the requirements for becoming an audio transcription service provider are not too complex. All you need are language, listening, computer, and typing skills. Additionally, you need to be patient and have the right tools for the job, like a computer, headsets, and various software.

Content creation

Content creation is a great way for creative students to earn money. It is also a booming market making hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The good thing about this method of earning money is its flexibility. You can choose to specialize in a specific type of content, like video content, or become a general content creator. Even if you choose video content as your area of specialization, you also have various options like entertainment, educative, and how-to videos.

It is worth mentioning that a lot of students are already content creators. However, they have not yet learned how to monetize their skills. Platforms like Youtube and TickTock are allowing creators to earn from their creativity. Amid a crisis, since many people are glued to their phones and digital gadgets, content creation could be a lucrative option for students.


The internet is the best place to get a part-time job as you await the continuation of your studies. Numerous online platforms advertise job opportunities for any of the abovementioned options for earning. In addition, you get a wide range of options based on your skills.

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