5 Unique Snacks That Can Lighten Your Mood Instantly

Who doesn’t love munching on some sweet and spicy snacks in the middle of the afternoon and satisfying your cravings? Snacking can be a fun way of passing time, refreshing your mood, and quieting your hunger pangs too. 

Most households store popular snacks like biscuits, chips, Namkeen and sweet treats for such afternoons. These are also served when guests come to visit too. If you are bored with your snacks at home and are looking for some unique and exciting snacks to lighten your mood, then there are several brands like Bingo!, Sunfeast and more that can help you. Here’s our pick of 5 unique snacks ranging from sweet and spicy to wholesome frozen snacks for you to enjoy:

Sunfeast All Rounder Thin Potato Biscuits Chatpata Masala

Thin, savoury and sweet slices of potato seasoned with a delicious masala, Sunfeast All Rounder Thin Potato Biscuits Chatpata Masala is a unique snack. These potato biscuits are perfect for those who enjoy chatpata masala, and potato-based items. Perfect to consume at any time of the day, this snack is unique, exciting, and innovative which makes it a must-try!

Sunfeast Caker Swiss Roll Cake

Sunfeast Caker Swiss Roll Cake is a mini treat to carry around for all chocolate dessert lovers. This Swiss roll cake contains luscious choco crème that goes well with a moist sponge cake outer cover. Sunfeast Caker Swiss Roll Cake can easily resolve hunger pangs and satisfy sweet cravings due to its excellent taste and abundance of choco crème.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills

Unlike Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills which are a popular snack and well-loved, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills brings the delight of the same product, however, with a coffee filling! A true pleasure for all coffee lovers to indulge in, try the Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills during tea time or enjoys some when you feel hungry for a satisfying sweet snack.

ITC Master Chef Alphabytes

Take the fun with food to a whole new level with ITC Master Chef Alphabytes. A potato-based fried snack made in the shape of alphabets, ITC Master Chef Alphabytes is sure to delight children and adults alike. Easy to make as it is a frozen snack, it can be consumed as a filling snack between meals with a side of ketchup and more.

ITC Master Chef Chicken Popcorn

For chicken lovers who love binging on Popcorn Chicken when they go out, here is a fun way of having your favourite snack at home with ITC Master Chef Chicken Popcorn. Simply air fry for 3-5 minutes, or shallow fry and deep fry according to your preference and you will have crispy, golden, and delicious Popcorn chicken in your very home within minutes!

Use these delicious snacks at home to reduce hunger, and improve your mood effectively. If you are looking for healthier alternatives for the same issues, choose to opt for snacks with nuts and seeds as they are high in fibre and protein. You can also choose to munch on almonds, cashews, and walnuts among others for a healthier way of dealing with hunger. 

If you are someone who is wary of trying new products and instead wants to make delicious snacks at home from scratch, then here are some ideas for you:

Paneer Roll: Use leftover paneer or quickly fry paneer, onion, garlic, and green chillies and fill it in a Maida roti along with mint chutney, cheese, and mayonnaise for a delicious quick homemade snack. You can also add more veggies to this such as carrots, capsicum, cabbage etc. To make it a highly protein-rich snack, add an egg to the paneer curry and replace the Maida roti with a chapati made with whole wheat.

Biscuit Cake: Did you know that you could make a delicious cake with simple Marie biscuits? Use butter, cocoa powder, sugar and cream cheese to make a delicious frosting. Add crumbs of powdered biscuits to refined flour, vanilla extract and raising agents and heat it in a microwave to see the magic!

Multi-millet chilla: For those who are looking to add more fibre to their diets, a multi-millet chilla is a great way to lighten up your mood while staying healthy. Using a multi-millet mix atta or simply adding flours such as ragi, wheat, jowar and besan along with basic veggies like green chillies, capsicum and more can give you crispy, wholesome and tasty chillas in no time. Serve them with pickles or mint chutney and enjoy!

Mushroom stir-fry noodles: Tired of boring instant noodles with the same old taste profiles? Try preparing a stir-fry of mushrooms, green onions, green chillies and garlic and frying noodles in this mix. This snack is perfect for evenings when you are craving Chinese and can be quite filling too!

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