6 Things You Should Know About Nomos Glashütte Tangente

When characterizing the Nomos Glashütte brand, you would tell someone the Nomos Tangente. It is often referred to as the “embodiment of a Nomos watch,” and for an excellent purpose. It is even regarded as a symbol of Glashütte craftsmanship. Whether you like German precision machining or not, this masterpiece deserves your care and recognition. The Nomos Tangente appears to be perfectly what it is portrayed to be: simple, precise, and Bauhaus. It has an efficient and easy dial, which is usual of German watches. It appears fashionable enough to be fitted daily. Furthermore, its dial is simple and uncomplicated enough to be fitted as a dress watch with a suit. Here are some of the things you need to know about this unique Nomos Glashütte watch.

1.How Much Is Nomos Glashutte?

The suggested retail price for the Nomos Glashutte Tangente ref. 101 is $1,900. This is fair considering the brand’s status as an entry-level fashion brand. However, if you include workmanship into the mix, it can be perceived as weak. Its Alpha caliber is a highly consistent and effective force of nature. It is a testimony to German engineering greatness, and it is undoubtedly worth far more than the Tangente’s market value.

2.Case at 35

With a diameter of only 35 mm, the watch may appear small on many wrists, especially if the wrist is worn by a muscular and bulky man or woman. This may or may not be a positive thing, depending on your preference for watches. But one thing is certain, it is very satisfying and light on the wrist. Furthermore, according to others, the Nomos Tangente’s size is the right combination of modernism and legibility.

The Nomos Tangente 35 has a slim design when viewed from the side. Its height is approximated to be less than 7 mm. That is, at this size, it will fit easily inside a dress cord. The brand is pleased to say that they were capable of filling it with polymer while avoiding unnecessary size.

3.Bauhaus Dial

To the sub-seconds from the hour markers, the Nomos Tangente dial is unquestionably Bauhaus. It only shows the time with five Arabic numerals and the rest are line indicators. This is a prosperous effort to maintain the dial.  If you look carefully, you’ll see that the hands are a different color. According to the brand, the secret is based on the original watchmaking culture. To change the hands into a metallic, cornflower blue, they had to steam them up to 290 degrees Celsius. This splash of color turns out to be intriguing specifics, particularly when examined closely.

4.Alpha Movement

It’s worth noting that the Nomos Tangente isn’t an automatic timepiece. This implies you have to wind it properly for it to work. But don’t undervalue its speed. Nomos’ crowning glory is the caliber inside this watch. The Nomos brand is unique in that they manufacture their calibers in-house. This is very rare in the world of craftsmanship, as only a few brands do it.

The Nomos Tangente is outfitted with a movement known as the Alpha. Nomos’ first in-house movement was this caliber. They define the caliber as precise and consistent. Amidst being concealed inside the case, the Alpha is a sight to behold thanks to its Glashütte crown wheel and sunburst ratchet. Meanwhile, its screws have been mitigated to match the color of its hands. The Alpha has a battery life of up to 43 hours. This means that you can leave it unwinded for nearly two days and it will still function.

5.Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan Strap

The Nomos, as anticipated, chose a simplistic yet stunning strap. It’s made of Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, which is both seamless and long-lasting.  It progressively slims down from 18 mm at the lugs to 16 mm at the buckle. A tapered strap, in general, makes the dial of the watch look bigger. Nomos made a wise decision because the Tangente is called minor by today’s standards. The strap selection was outstanding for the watch. Black’s impartiality enables it to mix perfectly with the majority of your clothes.

6.Award-Winning Brand

The Nomos Tangente is spotless and elegant, but if there’s one thing that’s congested about it, it’s the trophy case. The Chrono Award is one of the honors bestowed upon the brand. It is one of the most influencing award ceremonies in the watch market. Aside from that, it is Austria’s only watch contest. They evaluate the models based on their design category as well as their target market.

In addition, the Uhr des Jahres, or “Watch of the Year,” is awarded yearly in Germany by Welt am Sonntag and the watch mag Armbanduhren. For many years, the Tangente has been named Watch of the Year in the Men’s Watch bracket. Aside from that, the watch collection also received the Goldene Unruh and Vienna Time awards.

In A Nutshell

The Nomos Glashütte Tangente has a visual style that will cater to a particular population due to its excellent character. However, if you are a component of that crowd, the Tangente is difficult to defeat. The people we’re talking about are fans of modern art or modernists.

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