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7 Definitive Content Marketing Examples From 2022

Content marketing spans the gamut of online user experience. But content marketing isn’t easy to define. The internet is full of content. All of it isn’t marketing. The online world will spend (estimated) 600 billion USD on marketing. All of it isn’t content-based marketing.

Content marketing isn’t fast. It isn’t easy. But content marketing is three times as cost-effective as paid search. This is why so many web content writing services exist: To fulfill the growing need for content marketing. 

And content marketing isn’t just about dominating SEO. Website content services that cater to content marketing focus on video content, social media content, ebook marketing, blogging, and more. A corporate website is a prime tool for content marketing. This is why website content writing services are gaining traction.

Content Marketing Strategy: Key Features

A content marketing strategy should be charted out before content creation begins. Some features common to all content marketing strategies include:

 1. Setting clear, measurable, and tangible goals

An online firm needs to know what it wants from its content marketing strategy (the goals). These goals should be clear. For example, the company’s goal is 100,000 hits on its website in May 2023. The goals should be measurable. For example, the company’s goal is to earn USD 7,000 from online activities. The goals should be tangible. For example, the company’s goal is 1000 walk-ins in its store in Bandra, Mumbai, within four months.

 2. Knowing who is being spoken to

Who is the company’s target audience? Who is being spoken to? Who is meant to take action? This should be charted out in black and white.

 3. Creation of buyer personas

A buyer persona is a detailed description of the target audience. Buyer personas are necessary for all areas of marketing, as in content marketing.

 4. Choosing the platforms for content marketing

The right platforms are crucial to defining the success of content marketing. The perfect mix of content marketing platforms maximizes ROI.

 5. Types of content used

Content used for marketing could be visual, audio, and text. Also, within these areas, content could be varied – e.g., blogs, e-books, social posts, etc.

 6. Strategy for promotion and distribution

The best content amounts to nothing without a promotion and distribution strategy. The perfect strategy puts content out where it counts.

7 Definitive Content Marketing Examples From 2022

 1. MailChimp’s Content Marketing Series 

MailChimp is a popular CRM tool. It helps small-medium businesses nurture leads and build mailing lists. MailChimp is a case study in content marketing in itself. In January 2021, it launched a mini-series called ‘All-in-a-days-work’. It talks of the challenges and triumphs of small businesses.

Why It Is Definitive: This example stands out as a case study in understanding the audience. Customers who experience the series feel a closeness to the MailChimp brand. The videos are appealing, and small business owners identify with the sentiment.

 2. Airbnb’s Design Personality

Airbnb is popular in the vacation rental segment. Together with design experts at Domino, Airbnb put together a short quiz. The quiz aims at uncovering a ‘design personality’. The quiz is fun and leads people to other parts of the Airbnb site. 

Why It Is Definitive: The quiz is engaging, brief, and clear. Users get more than an accurate answer from this bit of content marketing. They also get recommendations and content on how to upgrade.

 3. Google Web Stories 

Google Web Stories is the firm’s attempt at capitalizing on the video trend. It helps creator content be discovered. Users can easily upload video content by adding Google Web Stories to the backend.

Why It Is Definitive: It helps creators be recognized as authorities. Text with video generates 83% more traffic than text without video. There is no monetary cost involved for content creators. This platform syncs with the style of TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, while reaching users via their search intent.

 4. Apple’s ‘Shot On An iPhone’ Campaign

This campaign encourages iPhone users to share photos shot on an iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Max. The phone’s macro function makes this easy. The idea was to take ordinary, everyday photos and turn them into something extraordinary with the help of hashtags.

Why It Is Definitive: This simple yet powerful campaign led to almost 60,000 posts only on Instagram. The content marketing campaign was engaging and a great example of how to go viral.

 5. Robinhood Snacks’ Email Newsletter

Robinhood Snacks is a daily email newsletter by Morning Brew. It takes only a few minutes to read. Thus, it uses the ‘less is more’ concept. Complex posts are broken down into absolute simplicity. This fits perfectly well with busy entrepreneurs.

Why It Is Definitive: Morning Brew achieved a $75 million valuation on the back of this newsletter. It is a great example of how own the audience organically. This newsletter single-handedly led to the email renaissance.

 6. Canva’s Design School

Canva’s Design School is meant to empower all individuals to create better. Canva lets novices achieve excellence in design the easy way. Design education is democratized by Canva and is now freely accessible worldwide. They have released a series of free videos that teach design to all who want to learn.

Why It Is Definitive: Not only is it helpful to learners, but Canva’s Design School promotes the firm by integrating seamlessly within the design process. 

 7. Adobe’s #CreativityForAll Campaign

Adobe has taken creativity to the next level with its outstanding software and great creator community. Their products help in making PDFs, illustrating eBooks, and more. They post helpful content for creators on their Twitter page, which is inspiring and colorful.

Why It Is Definitive: Their posts on Twitter make creativity a celebration. The nature of the posts inspires the creators themselves. Clever yet cute, their stunning images and videos engage creators while strengthening the Adobe brand. It’s a great example of innovative creativity – straight from Adobe – the pioneers in digital creativity.

The examples above show that success in content marketing comes from a fusion of applying marketing principles with creativity. This is where website content writing services come in. The mushrooming market of these services is because they are specialists. These services know the trade – what works and what doesn’t. 

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