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An important guide about ranking your website 

Ranking your website on the first page of the search engines is very challenging; people use different strategies for ranking their websites high in search engines. SEO strategies change from time to time depending on the algorithm used by the search engines for ranking. The most important thing which you should keep in mind is the keyword research. You should use the kw planner for finding the right keywords for your posts. We are going to discuss some useful information about ranking your website.

Keyword research 

As mentioned above, keyword research is the key to success in ranking your web posts. Find out keywords with little competition and try ranking your posts on them. These posts would help you improve the authority of your website which makes it easy to rank keywords with high competition as well. You can use a free keyword planner for finding the right keywords for your posts.

Use videos in your posts to increase audience retention 

SEO specialists believe that using videos in your posts is also helpful in the ranking of your posts. Therefore, you should use videos and optimize them. Videos on your posts can increase the time spent by the user on your webpage which affects the ranking. However, make sure that the video on the page is relevant to the content. Hire graphic designers for editing videos relevant to your posts and upload them in your posts.

Newcomers need more hard work

If you are new to blogging, you need a lot of time for ranking your website. You should focus on the user intent; this can help you drive traffic to your website. New websites need a lot of time in building trust and authority. New websites are competing against old ranked websites, thus it becomes difficult for them to rank their posts. However, if you are creating unique and catchy content, ranking higher won’t be an issue for you. Make sure that the content posted on your website is user-friendly. SEO is all about offering content which people are looking for, if there is user-friendly content on your website, search engines would prefer your website. Know about human behaviors, check the trends, and then post relevant content on your website.

SEO is not something that you need to consider when posting content on your website. You need to consider SEO from the very start. Make sure that you do extensive keyword research and then select the URL of your website. Similarly, the name of your website should be related to the niche in which you are working. You should design your website considering the SEO. Make sure that your website has a user-friendly design and all the features are easily navigated on the website. See what your competitors are doing, if their strategies are successful, follow them. You should make good use of the social media platforms as well. Share all of your content on these social media platforms as well; they are also helping in driving traffic to websites.

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