7 Online Video Maker Tools With Music Libraries You Can Use

Most content creators fixate on visuals and forget the audio component. Videos are not just about moving images. Don’t overlook editing audio in your videos, as sound adds depth to visuals. The quality of your audio exerts a huge impact on the final cut. Thankfully, this video editor allows you to add sound to your footage. Today’s innovative online video maker apps assure you can add musical scoring to your work. Now, you can edit like a pro to assure your final project looks pristine and polished. 

Why Does This Matter? 

Stand-alone visuals will never tell the full story. With sound, you can inform the audience about what to expect from a specific shot or scene. Sound holds the power to evoke emotions, telling them what to feel about the events on screen. There are three ways to get this done with the help of an srcreen recorder windows 10:

  • Sound effects
  • Voice-over narrations
  • Musical scoring

Sound effects like the sound of breaking glass or galloping horses make your work more vibrant. In the same token, voice-over narrations with a rich baritone give your work a better explanation. However, keep in mind that music tracks are the most efficient way to set the tone and mood. After all, the melody and harmony touch the heart and soul. 

Most of all, musical scoring provides a realistic feel for your work. For example, a creepy-sounding death-march makes everything feel sinister. In contrast, a happy, upbeat track will give good vibes. It tells the audience that there is no unexpected surprise, and they have nothing to fear. 

What Are the Top Online Video Maker Tools That Have Extensive Music Libraries?

It has been established that musical scoring adds a very important layer to your video. However, you cannot just randomly use music as there are copyright laws. If you use music, make sure you give credit when necessary.

But, if you want to make your life easy, you can add music using your online video maker. Most online video maker software provides access to copyright-free music. Thus, you can intersperse musical scoring into your work without any issues. Take a look below to see the top seven online editors that allow you to use various music tracks. 

1. Promo.Com

Among the online video maker tools, this holds the top spot. It lives up to its name by helping you promote your work. Many happy clients love this because it offers thousands of ditties in its music library. Best of all, there’s a completely free version with no watermarks if your budget is tight. You can use it to make short skits, MTVs, or funky slideshows. Try using a template and be done in minutes. Moreover, the drag and drop toolbar allows you to add the following: 

  • Copyright-free music
  • Sound effects
  • Voice-over narration
  • Video clips
  • Stock images
  • Fonts
  • Transitions

2. Magisto

The tagline of this online video maker is about creating a magic story. Hence, the Magisto name brand. Indeed, this tool allows you to craft a stunning video masterpiece. You can add musical scoring to make your work more compelling.

However, you must pay a premium price if you want to use it without any watermarks. Remember, watermarks distract from your message, so paying for use is a must. Luckily, membership to the pro or business level is affordable. On top of that, both tiers give you free access to a Vimeo Pro Membership. 

3. Flipagram

If you want to make fun videos on the go for direct posting on social media, Flipagram is your new best friend. This video maker works best if you download it on your smartphone. From there, you can access your phone gallery.

Hence, this editor is very handy. It assures you can morph your images and footage on your phone with ease. Furthermore, it allows easy creation of short videos with funky music. However, it can only add a limited number of songs from the library.

4. Filmora

Add impressive touches to your work with Filmora like musical scoring, soundbites, narration, transitions, or animation. This video editor is free to use for a limited time. Thus, go ahead and test it out to see if it fits your needs. After that, just pay to use the software.

Additionally, this doesn’t allow you to do mobile work because you must download the app from their online site to your PC. Moreover, your computer must meet certain specs. Above all, don’t forget to buy extra USB storage to save your film clips and footage as it eats up space. 

5. Camtasia

If you’re after a quick and easy screen recorder and editor, Camtasia is up to your ally. There is a free trial to download and see if you like it. After, you must pay a fee to keep using the software.

Noteworthy, this software works well for Windows and Mac OS. If you want to incorporate music, there is a limited range of tracks in the Camtasia Studio Library. These are free to use with no copyright clearance requirements. However, if you’re unhappy with the tracks, you can also import your own pain music to the Clip Bin. 

6. Toontastic 3D

Should your work center on animation, Toontastic is an excellent choice. This online video maker allows you to create work from 3D videos to stop-motion animation. You can add musical scoring, sound effects, and voice-over to make your cartoons come alive.

Remember, even if you don’t have the skills, the flexible tools, and user-friendly interface make it easy to create funky animations. You can use this with your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. However, this doesn’t work with older devices. 

7. Animoto

If you want to make videos with nice sound quality, Animoto is another excellent video editor. You can choose whatever track suits your visuals. This brand has a pretty thorough copyright-free music library. Though it comes with free use, your videos will carry a large Animoto watermark in the corner. This will certainly distract your audience. 

Parting Words?

In conclusion, you cannot afford to slack off on the audio, or your hard work will go to waste. If you fail to use musical scoring, your audience will most likely cease watching your work. Consequently, they will get bored and feel as if an amateur makes the video. Lucky for you, an online video maker allows you to incorporate better sound into your work.

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