Bachelor party games

The bachelor party is coming up and it’s time to get the planning going. Bachelor party games are perfect to kick off the night and put the guys into the right mindset. They’re even easy to pack and bring with you if you’re going for a destination bachelor party. Let the games begin.  

Beer Pong 

Beer pong is the perfect party game for any occasion. A real classic that everyone enjoys. The game is flexible and depending on how big the party is, you can either set it up with teams or you can play as individuals. All you need is a table, ping pong balls and cups filled with alcohol. You can also make it more interesting and make every team put a couple dollars for the winner to spend on the stripper or shots in the end of the night. If you really want to put the perfect touch to the party we recommend these beer pong blue balls, your guys will think these are hilarious.  The good folks over at Same Vagina Forever always come up with the best bachelor party games

Shot Roulette 

This one takes up a little bit more space if you’re going for a destination party. But this one is a great and fun way to set the tone before heading out. You could pour different drinks in the different shot glasses to make it more interesting. This one is also flexible for the group size, is there is a big group your limited to less shot glass numbers, if you’re a small group you get more numbers and will probably only play it once. When the ball hits your number – you’re up, cheers!
You can find them everywhere but here is one from Amazon -

Scavenger Hunt 

This popular game is starting to become a must-have at bachelor parties. You can divide the teams up as you like, teams or individuals. Make a list of things that needs to be completed to gain points. The more challenging tasks are of course rewarded with more points. It can be hard to come up with good challenges and make the list look somewhat okey for everyone in the group to keep. That’s why we recommend this list. You will really work for those points, and you will remember this adventure forever. Again, if you all put some money into it and the winner gets a real price and not just honor, you will be surprised over what you bring out of your buddies. 

Cards Against Humanity 

This game is another popular one that works for any group size. So, game rules – deal the cards as the instructions on the game. First player asks a question from a black card, and the rest of the group answers with their funniest white card. The funniest answer gets the black card and the one with the most black cards wins the game. This game brings out everyone’s awkward traits and will guarantee laughter. There are different kind of cards, and you can find all the information you need here.

Drunken Jenga 

Almost everyone grew up with this one that later got an adult twist to it – Drunken Jenga. The only thing you need is the Jenga game and alcohol, easy. Flexible game as well that doesn’t require or has a limit to the number of players. As we all remember it, you build the tower that every player then has to take turn to remove one of the blocks and place it on top without knocking it down. And here is the adult twist, the player who knocks the tower down has to pour it down. You can bring out the competitive spirit even more and mix all kinds of alcohol into an almost non-drinkable drink, that will make the game more crucial. You use a Jenga board from the classic ones that you can find almost everywhere, like Amazon for example.


You don’t need to have games at a bachelor party, but it will make it more fun and it’s a perfect ice breaker if the whole group doesn’t know each other that well. It’s cheap, easy to fix and it will make the bachelor party seem well thought out. So, do you want to play a game? 

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