How to Increase Rank in Teamfight Tactics?

Do you love playing Teamfight Tactics? If you do, you know how it feels when you’re not doing so well in the game. But don’t worry some cool tricks and tips can help you do better and climb up the ranks. We will share some of these tricks with you so that you can have more fun and win more games. It’s like having a secret plan to become a super player. So, keep reading to learn how to play better and reach the top in Teamfight Tactics.

TFT Boosting

Another best option to increase rank is to go for a teamfight boosting company. There are many advantages of using a boosting service because it will help you increase your rank to your desire. The first thing to keep in mind is that, go for a professional TFT booster who will not only push your rank but also help you with coaching. There are many services to choose but if you are looking for professional and affordable, you can choose tft boost and start your rank-pushing journey right away. 


Where you put your game characters on the board is super important in Teamfight Tactics. It’s like making a strong team and putting them in the right spots to win. The board has two rows in the front and two rows in the back. Each row has seven spots for your characters. The ones in the front rows are like the brave ones who go first into the fight. The ones in the back rows stay behind and shoot from far away. You need to think about what your characters are good at. The tough ones should be in the front to protect the team, and the ones who can shoot from far away should be in the back corners. It’s not just about where you put your team, but also about what kind of team you have and what items and powers they have. A smart player knows how to put their team in the best way to win. It might sound a bit tricky but don’t worry. With some practice, you will become good at placing your team and winning the game.

Use Gold Wisely

Teamfight Tactics is a game where you try to build a strong team. Gold is like your special money in the game, and you need to use it wisely. You can spend it on making your team stronger by leveling up your champions. This makes them tough and gives them new powers to help you win. You can also spend gold to get new champions from the shop. This is useful if you want to complete your team or find a special champion. But don’t spend all your gold at once, and always have a plan for how to use it best. Sometimes, you can win a lot in the early part of the game and make your gold pile up. It’s fun to watch your opponents try to catch up by spending their gold. No matter what you do, just remember to be smart and pay attention to what the other players are doing. With some thinking and good moves, you’ll be a winner in no time

Boost Prioritization

There are special tricks that can help you beat other players, in Teamfight Tactics. One of the best tricks is to use ‘augments.’ Augments are like super boosts that make your team strong. To use them well, just pick the ones that match your team’s powers. For example, if your team uses lots of magic, there’s an augment that makes your magic even stronger. And there’s one called Statikk Shiv that can hurt a bunch of bad guys at once. When you choose the right augments for your team, you can get strong and win your games.

Embrace Champion Abilities

Winning in Teamfight Tactics is not just about putting characters on the board. It’s about knowing how they work together. Some characters have special powers that can help a lot. For example, some characters can attack more than once, and others can hit many enemies at the same time. If you put together characters that have powers that go well together, like those who are good at sneaking and those who attack a lot, you can become super strong and beat the other players. Knowing how to use these powers is a big part of the game. You can try different things and change your plan as you play. With a little imagination and knowing how the powers work, you can become a Teamfight Tactics expert

First Stage Strategy

Getting a good start in Teamfight Tactics is super important if you want to win. First, you need to decide what kind of team you want to have. Look at what the other players are doing and pick your champions to beat them. Also, try to get lots of money and items in the beginning. This helps your champions become strong early on. If you have champions that don’t fit your plan, you can sell them or level up to get better ones. The most important thing is to be able to change your plan as the game goes on. That way, you can build a strong team and win the game. So, start making your plan and get ready to win on the battlefield

Last Stage Strategy

Later in the game of Teamfight Tactics, it’s super important to have a good plan. First, know if your team is really strong in attacking or if they’re better at protecting themselves. This helps you make smart choices. Also, be careful with your money. Save it up for the important stuff later on, like making your champions even better or getting new ones. And don’t be afraid to change your plan if things aren’t going well. Being able to change your strategy is helpful. So, keep in mind what your team is good at, save your money, and be ready to switch things up. That way, you’ll do great in the late game.

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