Benefits and Tips for Finding a Divorce Lawyer Online

In addition to searching online, married couples can fall back on tried and tested media such as telephone books and newspapers, or they can obtain contact details for lawyers from the bar association. Nowadays, most lawyers are represented online. Almost without exception, the search for a lawyer takes place on the Internet. Search online has many advantages:

1‌.Large selection of lawyers

2‌. Easily get in touch

‌3. Compare lawyers and read reviews

4‌. Send documents practically

Let’s discuss these advantages in detail.

1.      Large selection of lawyers:

‌The large selection makes many things easier and some more difficult. Spouses seeking help are often faced with an overwhelming number of divorce lawyers; this can complicate the selection process. Legal advice portals with quality standards and a practical search function are very helpful. Our advice portal has set itself the goal of providing important information on the most common legal topics.

At the same time, our consultant area helps to find a suitable lawyer in the Department sought quickly. In addition, the search can be restricted to a specific region. People who want to find a lawyer nearby quickly and easily have come to the right place.

2.      ‌Easily get in touch:

‌ If a suitable divorce lawyer has been found, he can easily be contacted by email or phone. A well-prepared lawyer portal also provides the contact address so that the location can be easily determined on Google Maps. First, make a non-binding phone call to the lawyer of your choice. At least once in the first conversation it becomes clear whether the sympathy values ​​are correct.

When telephoning the lawyer will ask about which facts are and how he can help you. Briefly describe your concern on the phone or give an initial consultation the end. If you want to save yourself the trip to the office and perhaps want to get a personal impression in advance, you can possibly arrange a video call via Skype.

3.      ‌Compare lawyers and read reviews:

‌If you are still unsure about your choice, you should make a list of lawyers who should be shortlisted. With the help of reviews and testimonials, you can get a further impression of the divorce attorney. The following always applies here: Reviews are helpful, but at the same time they can be quite subjective.

Before you actually instruct the lawyer is always recommended before a meeting in person in the form of an initial consultation. Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves whether the chemistry is right and whether the divorce lawyer fits into the overall package.

4.      ‌Practical communication

After the proper divorce lawyer online has been found telling you this the whole course of the procedure and what documents are now required. If something is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask. When will the divorce be filed? What is gain sharing? These questions and more mean completely new territory for the client. It is part of the work of the divorce lawyer to take time for questions and to answer them in detail. Normally, the client can require documents easily online. How the communication between the lawyer and the mandate proceeds? In this case, both of them decide with each other?

Is there actually an online divorce?

‌No. The term “online divorce” is often searched for on the Internet because it would of course be extremely convenient to get a divorce through with a few clicks. There is simply no such thing as a divorce online. Not even a uncontested divorce Las Vegas takes place online. The only thing that is possible is the following: You can effortlessly search for a lawyer online and contact them in a few seconds. A well-sorted lawyer directory provides you with all the important contact details for divorce lawyers. Nowadays, an initial consultation online is often possible instead of an appointment in the law firm and is usually much more practical.

Filing a divorce petition online – is it possible?

‌No. However, after you have chosen a lawyer who fits your requirements and with whom you have been able to build a basis of trust, you can often deal with your correspondence online. An online divorce petition that is often offered on the Internet is not an actual divorce petition. This is just a divorce form that the lawyer uses to get an initial overview of your situation. The divorce application to the court may submit only the lawyer even after you have instructed him to do so. As an applicant, you cannot submit an application for divorce yourself. In Germany there is so-called “lawyer compulsion”.


If you want to find a competent divorce lawyer online, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should find what you are looking for on a good legal advice site. In our advisory area you have a good selection of experienced divorce lawyers in your area.

Divorce possible without a lawyer?

‌Not at all. In the USA, the so-called compulsory lawyer applies in the event of divorce. This means that at least one spouse (the one who files the divorce petition) must hire a lawyer. In Germany there are mainly consensual divorces. This type of divorce only needs a lawyer. Divorce by mutual consent, the divorcing couple is united in the following things:

1. The divorce take place

2. How they regulate ancillary matters would make sense

The estranged couple can move ahead with in one or both of the points listed above is disagreement (contested divorce). So that you can bring your claims through to court, you need your own lawyer to represent you. Only if a spouse is represented by an attorney can he submit requests for follow-up matters to the court (also known as cancellation of a marriage). For instance, annulment is void because there were no prerequisites for marriage at the time of the marriage.

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost?

‌A significant part of the divorce costs are the costs for the divorce attorney. The costs for this are laid down in the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (LRA). Legal fees consist of 1) legal fees and 2) expenses. Added to this is 19% VAT. The attorney’s fees consist of 1) business fee, 2) procedural fee and 3) appointment fee.

Important for the legal fees: The amount depends largely on the value of the procedure (also known as “business value” or “object value”). That means: the higher the asset value of the divorcing parties, the higher the legal fees. An initial consultation with a lawyer costs a maximum of 190 dollars. Lawyers may not demand less than what is stipulated in the LRA. It is also possible that the costs of the initial consultation are borne by the legal protection insurance.

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