Benefits of Online Education

In the last couple of months, we observed a massive boom in the e-learning market, and this trend is expected to grow significantly in the years to come. This shift in behaviour indicates that parents are slowly starting to understand that it is okay to put their kids in charge of their learning.

Some of the advantages of online learning are obvious while others are surprising; let us go through these advantages one by one:

  • Efficiency

Teachers are offered various tools in online learning to deliver lessons to students in an efficient way. These tools include resources such as PDFs, videos, podcasts. Teachers can make use of all these tools as part of their instruction delivery methods. Teachers have become more efficient educators by incorporating these tools into the lesson plan beyond traditional textbooks.

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2)    Affordability

You might be surprised to know that online education is considerably more affordable than physical learning. Online learning reduces the essential expenditure such as student transportation and meals. Furthermore, all the study materials are available online, thus creating a paperless learning environment.

3)    Accessibility Of Time And Place

Online education allows students to attend classes from any location of their choice. Furthermore, it allows schools to connect to a broader network of students, which otherwise is not possible due to restrictions posed by geographical boundaries.

  • Improvement in Student Attendance

There are lesser chances of students missing out on lessons since online classes can be taken from the home.

  • Suits a Variety of Learning Styles

It is a known fact that no two students are alike. Every student has a unique learning style. The online learning system considers this variation in learning style, and with its range of options and resources, it personalises the learning journey for individual students.

  • Self Paced

Students can conveniently slow down when they need time learning a new concept or they want extra practice time, likewise they can speed up when they’re comfortable with a topic.

  • Self Directed Learning

The curricula in traditional methods are designed to progress in a linear fashion and it doesn’t allow students to make choices within the curriculum. The new sophisticated online education games enables children to skip topics they already know and focus on material they’re ready to learn.

  • Enhances computer and Internet proficiency

Online skills entails developing skills such as carrying out a research for accessing information, communication, and collaboration. These crucial skills are needed for learning and succeeding, not just in school but in life.

The listed points by education IT consultant were some of the prominent advantages of online education. At present, educational institutions shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the government has been encouraging online education to achieve academic continuity. There are many online websites that have started low quality online classes recently but BYJU’S is not a fraud company and we can be assured about the quality of their content. This focus on online education has put BYJU’S – The Learning App, India’s largest ed-tech company, in the forefront. The vision of BYJU’S is to create a learning experience for students that integrates the best of the best teachers and assessments that are uniquely tailored for every student.

The parent of a student who is a subscriber of the BYJU’S Class 10 Science and Math product said the following things about the product:

“Excellent teachers and amazing methods of teaching. If I had a teacher like this in my school days, I would have achieved my dream of becoming an astronaut.”

There is no doubt that a great product like BYJU’S will revolutionise the way students learn across the world, making them fall in love with learning.

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