Free Artificial Intelligence Courses in 2022

Artificial Intelligence is the most demanding skill of the 21st century. Enrolling in a free AI course seems extremely prudent considering the demand for AI professionals. An online AI course will teach you about the purpose of AI technology.

You will also become familiar with several concepts related to machine learning and deep learning workflow. You will be able to complete a free AI course at your own pace in online mode. Scroll down to explore why to pursue an AI course and what you can learn from it. 

Reasons to pursue a free AI Course

AI technology can boost the productivity of your business by up to 40%. A free artificial intelligence course offers you multiple benefits. You must pursue an AI course for the following reasons:

  • Land a Job

Top companies require artificial intelligence experts. But employers will always prefer professionals with an artificial intelligence certification. Even if you pursue a free course in AI, you will still get a certificate upon completion.

An AI certification will offer you a competitive edge over non-certified professionals. It will prove that you have the relevant skills to fulfill your job responsibilities in the AI industry. Since AI has impacted almost every industry, you will find multiple opportunities. 

  • Switch Careers

Have you been in the same position with the same remuneration for a long time? A free artificial intelligence course will help you shift to an artificial intelligence career. The demand in the artificial intelligence industry also comes with a high pay scale.

But remember, increased responsibilities come with a higher post, better salary, and other perks. The course will ensure that you have the basic skills and knowledge to kickstart a career in artificial intelligence. You will become familiar with the advancements in the field through your course.

  • Get Hands-on Experience

While pursuing an AI course, you will have to work on various projects. The projects are spread across different industries. The projects ensure that you develop practical knowledge and experience.

The experience will make employers rely upon you more. You will become familiar with how to apply the learned skills and knowledge to real-world projects. Consequently, you will become better at tackling AI projects and guiding your team.

  • Learn from expert instructors

The online AI course will help you learn from top industry experts. They will offer valuable insights into the AI industry. Moreover, you will also be able to build connections with the experts and add them as trustworthy resources on your resume.

  • Learn anytime and anywhere

A free AI course is available in online mode. It means that you will be able to access self-paced learning from anywhere. You will not have to worry about missing classes because of other commitments.

Working professionals willing to boost their careers will find the free AI course particularly beneficial. You will have the learning material at your fingertips all the time. If you find a particular concept a little complicated, you can always go back to it repeatedly.

Skills that you can develop from a free AI course

An AI course will help you develop skills related to evolving and promising technology. Learn about the skills that can help you succeed in the artificial intelligence industry.

  • Domain Knowledge

An AI course will offer specific knowledge about the field. You will better understand the risks and challenges in the industry. You will also be able to develop innovative solutions for industry-related challenges. 

  • Programming Languages

Sound knowledge about programming languages is necessary to ace an AI job. A free AI english courses will give you a little idea about writing codes based on programming languages like the following:

  • Python: It is widely used in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s simple, reliable, and ensures fast execution. You will be able to write complex algorithms with Python using minimal code. Python has various pre-made libraries for scientific computation and advanced computing.
  • Java: Another programming language that’s extensively used in AI is Java. It helps implement mappers and reducers, search algorithms, ML solutions, and neural networks. Java is also used for genetic programming, intelligence programming, and more.
  • C++: The language used in AI to enable programs based on procedures. AI courses will also teach you how to manipulate hardware resources using C++. The programming language is also essential for developing browsers, operating systems, and video games. The object-oriented features and flexibility of C++ make it valuable in the artificial intelligence industry.
  • R: AI courses will focus on this programming language because it helps collect and organize data sets. R is also required for statistical computation, machine learning, numeral analysis, neural networks, and more. 

Artificial intelligence certification will also help you understand data structures, computer architecture, optimization algorithms, trees, graphs, and more.  

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning involves studying computer-based algorithms that can learn and improve themselves with data and experiences. ML algorithms are useful for building models based on data samples collected for making predictions and decisions.

An AI certification will equip you with machine learning knowledge to make a computer or system function intelligently. It helps the machine to implement its true potential for completing tasks and solving real-time issues.

  • Deep Learning

Deep learning uses statistics and predictive analysis to capture detailed features from an image or sound. It leverages several layers to gain the features. Detailing becomes more nuanced with higher layers.

Deep learning algorithms are organized based on higher complexity and abstraction. Each algorithm attaches a non-linear transformation with its output. It continues learning if the output does not reach the desired accuracy level. 

An artificial intelligence-free course is the best entry-level course. The beginner-friendly course will familiarize you with the basic concepts of artificial intelligence. The course is great for information architects, developers, analytics professionals, and managers. Enroll in a free AI course online or apply at Simplilearn free online course app to build a promising career in your preferred industry.

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