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People essentially prefer watching movies in their free time. In this digital world that we are surviving in, having a perfect video player for watching movies is important. People prefer having the ultimate cinematic experience while watching their favorite movie across the device. However, the need for a video player leads to a search that would help users discover the best video converter and video playerthey can find across the Internet. 

This article will focus on introducing free movie player to the users, which would effectively help them decide the best among them. However, the article would assert more focus across an exceptional video player, Wondershare UniConverter, covered in detail throughout the discussion.

Part 1: Introducing Wondershare UniConverter as the Best Free Video Player

There are many video editing tools you may come across while searching for the best in the market. To make your search easier, this article will introduce Wondershare UniConverter as the best free video player you can come across. For the information of readers, UniConverter is not just about playing movies. There is much more that is believed to be associated with the platform.

Apart from offering video playing services, Wondershare UniConverter features a multi-functional software with an integrated video tool system that guides users in converting, downloading, compressing, and recording videos. To summarize, Wondershare UniConverter is a versatile video editing and recording platform that integrates numerous functions along with the ones mentioned above.

There is a clear distinctive understanding of what makes UniConverter an exceptional option in the market. While looking for an effective free movie player for cherishing your movie cravings, there is a need to understand why UniConverter is preferred as a good movie player for you.

  • Wondershare UniConverter ensures that the movies of any specific video format are played at HD or 4K video quality with a smooth flow.
  • Users can easily download videos from more than 10,000 downloading options. They can also consume the recording option across the sites of their choice.
  • The video and audio files played across UniConverter can be transferred to iPod, iPhone, Android, and other devices that support the video or audio.
  • Apart from the basic video editing functions such as compression and conversion, users can also try out additional features such as file DVD burning, CD ripping, image conversion, and several other features.
  • The video converted across the platform is ensured to be of original quality after the execution of the process. The conversion process includes full GPU acceleration and 90X faster conversion speeds.

Part 2: How to Play a Movie on Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter, as explained above, provides a variety of video editing and management feature. Talking about the video player offered across the platform, multiple opportunities can be looked into this free movie player. UniConverter targets more than 1000 video file formats, allowing users to play every kind of video under high quality.

The promise of offering 4K, 8K, or FHD video quality makes UniConverter the best free movie player in the market. Along with that, the swift and smooth operation across the platform provides a commendable experience for the users. Apart from watching movies across this video player in high quality, multiple additional features are made available. 

This includes the control across the subtitles and audio of the video played across the player. Users can easily switch subtitles and audio tracks and adjust the audio, thanks to the exceptional interface awarded by UniConverter. Apart from these video management features, users can also take snapshots of important moments within the video with a single click.

The exceptional video editing tool offered by UniConverter can be handy in helping users edit their videos before displaying them across the video player. The files viewed across this free movie player can be transferred to other tools and functions of UniConverter, which provides users an all-in-one platform for covering the needs of playing videos.

The following step-by-step explanation provides users with a guide on operating perfectly with this best free movie player.

Step 1: Open and Launch Player

Launch the tool across your device on the successful download and installation of Wondershare UniConverter. Select “Player” from the options provided on the left-handed panel of the window.

Step 2: Import Video

As the video player emerges on the front, tap on the “Open Files” button to import the video that is to be added across the player.

Step 3: Manage Subtitles, Audio, and Take Screenshots

After importing the video and playing across the video player, change the subtitles settings and audio settings across the bar provided below. You can also consider taking a screenshot of a specific moment with the appropriate button. Enjoy your movie night with high-quality results.

Part 3: Other Free Movie Player Options to Consider

This part would introduce users to different free movie player that can be consumed as an alternative to Wondershare UniConverter. If you are having trouble with your media player, several players display themselves as the best free video player of all time. Look into the following list to find the perfect alternative for your UniConverter.

  1. VLC Media Player

The first choice among the best video players in the market would be VLC Media Player. This open-source, exceptional, and simple video player provides users with the opportunity of playing all kinds of video file formats across it. While enjoying a seamless experience with playing videos, users can customize the complete video player according to their requirements. This has been possible with the help of the excessive settings available across the player.

VLC Media Player has been a huge success for various reasons. While ensuring the quality of videos, the platform subjectively expands its control over the videos through plugins. The tool, however, gets a little bit difficult for users to work on, considering its extensive settings.

  1. GOM Player

GOM Player does not let down the community for being an exceptional free movie player. This video player supports a wide variety of file formats and even offers a subtitle finder to the users for a seamless experience in watching movies. As subtitles are quite important within movies, GOM Player ensures that you have the perfect experience while watching your favorite show. 

This video player offers users the option of having a codec search tool. As it features the ability to cover 360-degree videos across the player, GOM Player is regarded among the pioneers of watching videos in high quality. The interface, however, is believed to lack the ease-of-use.

  1. QuickTime

While offering multiple desktop solutions, Mac users have a separate option of watching movies across their built-in video player, QuickTime Player. This video player is quite popular across Mac users as it features one of the most proficient systems in the market. Users looking to play or edit their videos can surely count on QuickTime’s interface. 

QuickTime holds the premier position within the free movie player section, featuring an easy-to-use interface. This software, however, is only available for Mac users, which casts out the Windows users from the discussion. 

  1. Kodi Video Player

Kodi Video Player features one of the most extensive and flexible media tools in the market. Being accounted among the best video players, Kodi has an amazing selection of add-ons within its interface which helps users make impressive changes across the interface as desired. As the tool supports multiple devices, Kodi surely takes up a good position in playing movies and videos for its users.

Powered through open-source roots, users can consider making significant changes across the unusual interface of Kodi Video Player. Users can consider connecting the player with other peripherals such as large monitors and LEDs, which effectively enhance the game of watching movies with your loved ones.

  1. PotPlayer

PotPlayer displays itself as a straightforward video player; however, there is a lot that is still to be looked into this best free movie player. PotPlayer targets a powerful and strong media player with playback optimization for its users. Users can also have a good taste of editing videos before watching them across the dedicated player.

PotPlayer has extensive support of video types across its player. Users can even consider playing 3D and 360-degree videos across the available video player. The tool, however, needs to be more user-oriented, which would help it be counted among the top-notch players of all time.


This article has provided an in-depth discussion on effectively playing your favorite movie across a free movie player. As stated, platforms like Wondershare UniConverter provides exceptional results to their users while watching movies. However, several other video players have been considered, which is discussed within the article in detail.

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