Trip to Arabian Safari Desert

Dubai is one of the most developed and modern emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The city of gold has a unique and wonderful topography as it is situated within the Arabain desert. While it is bordered by Abu Dhabi from the south, in the northeast there is Sharjah, and the Sultanate of Oman is in the southeast. Moreover, the landscapes of Dubai are generally formed of sandy deserts with gravel-filled desserts.

Most deserts are found in the southern region of the UAE. The sand of these deserts is mostly white, clean, and fine that consists of crushed shells and coral. Dubai desert safari in these sandy deserts is one of the most thrilling and electrifying activities. Desert Safari, the most popular experiences of tourists and visitors has been ranked top tourism activity in the world by winning the global award. This desert safari offers you a lot of activities and things to do in the dunes including witnessing the incredible view of sunset in the evening. Also, Rent a car like an SUV or a luxury Jeep to explore the Safari desert.

Here is a guide and some important points for your trip to the Arabian Safari desert.

Arabian Desert Safari

Several activities at Arabian desert safari include pick and drop service from your hotel, camel riding, sand surfing, dunes bashing, sandboarding, and many more. It also offers you various live shows there which include live belly dance, Fireman stick show, and tanoura dance along with unlimited refreshments like Arabic coffee, tea, Arabic qahwa, water cups, and soft drinks. Moreover, you can also enjoy Arabic costumes, henna tattoos, and a live barbecue buffet dinner with both veg and non-veg options.

Why Arabic Desert Safari worth visiting?

Whenever you are in Dubai for your holidays, your trip is considered incomplete without a desert safari experience. It is one of the most popular experiences in the country because of very simple reasons like soft sands, dreamy and incredible sunsets, exciting activities, and dinner at an authentic and beautiful camp. In short desert safari offers you the best local and cultural experience that you cannot get anywhere else. It becomes very difficult for you to choose one among different adventurous and thrilling desert trips. So, when you are planning your trip to Dubai do not forget to add a desert safari to your list.

Desert Safari Deals

Desert safari offers you wonderful deals which are also budget-friendly for you. Some of the latest and updated prices of Arabic desert safari deals and offers are given below.

  • Dune Buggy Ride 850 AED/ per individual.
  • Vip Desert Safari 350 AED/ per individual.
  • Quad Bike Ride 250 AED/ per individual.
  • Camel Desert Safari 150 AED/ per individual.
  • Evening Desert Safari 119 AED/ per individual.
  • Sharjah Desert Safari 55 AED/ per individual.

Some of the companies offering you desert safari in Dubai also give you packages for solo, couple, family, or group tours. Instead of wandering in the hustle of the city, you should get the benefits of these packages and go towards a desert safari.

How to enjoy the Best Desert Safari Trip? 


Desert safaris in Dubai are available at different times of the day. If you are a morning person, you can check out morning safaris trips which offer you activities like quad biking and dune bashing. However, evening safaris are more stunning and relaxed with amazing activities like buffer dinners, traditional dances, and many more.


Your visit to a desert safari only becomes successful and exciting when you can experience it within your fixed budget. Before going for it, make the right choice and look out for the companies that are offering you some good deals and discount offers too. You may also find some kind of online platform offering you budget-friendly and awesome deals.

Activities and Adventures

Some desert safaris offer you amazing activities that can be enjoyed by families and children alike. Adventure can be fun and unique in the Arabian desert, as it offers you to witness the traditional and cultural side of Dubai. These adventures may include enjoying dune bashing, smoke some shisha, or relaxing in a camp, it’s all up to you. All you need to do is buy tickets for what you want to experience. Get Monthly car rental Dubai to explore the city of gold at your own pace.


Some of the important points and deals are shared in this blog. A trip to the Arabian Safari Desert is something you must try while you are in Dubai. It leaves an effective and fresh effect on your health. So what are you waiting for! Plan a desert safari trip and take a 6-hour break to spend the time in the beautiful and calming desert of Dubai.

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