Best Times for Purchasing a Television

Numerous professionals within the industry have expressed their opinion that securing a television agreement that aligns with the desired dimensions of a large screen is contingent upon timing—optimal periods for purchasing a television set at a favorable price point. There are big events throughout the year where television price gets the lowest thus the best time for you to buy one. Read further to know these details. 

Best Times to Purchase a Television

Frequent Turnover of Television Programs

The market is expected to experience the launch of new television models in March or April. After their return, the models from the previous year will be available for purchase at a reduced price. If you do not require the latest features introduced in recent releases, it is often possible to obtain a one-year-old package yet still in pristine condition at a discounted price. Sales on the previous year’s versions are anticipated to occur following the release of the new sets. Additionally, it is worth noting that clearance sales often extend throughout the summer season.

After the Match of the Super Bowl

Television channels experienced significant reductions in viewership during the highly anticipated annual football game. The Super Bowl presents a prime opportunity to showcase televisions, particularly those with larger screens. Thus, it is customary for the prices of the latest television models to decrease by the time February arrives, as they have been on the market for approximately one year. The football season commences in January and extends until February, culminating in the highly anticipated Super Bowl. Established retail chains such as Walmart or Best Buy, along with reputable manufacturer websites like TCL, are highly recommended destinations for finding competitive prices on large-screen television models.

During the Black Friday Sale 

According to a company spokesperson, it is recommended that you consider purchasing a television from Amazon during the holiday season. The spokeswoman mentioned that, particularly during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, customers can explore various TV brands at competitive prices. Amazon is not the sole entity in question. Numerous prominent companies compete fiercely on Black Friday. Online retailers can continuously monitor the prices of their competitors and make necessary adjustments to their pricing strategies. This enables the implementation of a responsive pricing strategy in the current market landscape. Black Friday television promotions typically encompass substantial price reductions, often amounting to several hundred dollars. On the other hand, it is worth noting that various brands offer exclusive television models specifically designed for Black Friday. 

Holidays Weekends

People in dire need of a new TV but don’t want to wait for a long holiday weekend can take advantage of special offers at stores on Labor Day, President’s Day, Fourth of July, and Memorial Day. Even though the reductions are usually smaller, and the selection of TVs is more limited, you can still get a decent smart TV at a reasonable price.

Amazon Prime Day

In the middle of July, to celebrate the company’s birthday, there was an event called Prime Day that was limited to Amazon Prime members. But today, other stores are running sales that are very similar right now. Many stores, including Best Buy, Walmart, and others, held sales at roughly the same period to compete with the internet retail behemoth. To top it all off, some of them will even match prices. Amazon waits until a few weeks before a sale starts to publish the exact sale dates. Some deals are available to buyers for the entire sale duration, while others have a time limit.


Purchasing a television at the right time will give you big discounts and will make the purchase worthwhile. So, for you to get the most out of your money, be sure that you check on the turnover programs on television, check out Black Friday sales, and be alert during the Super Bowl season. By doing so, you get to have a chance to purchase a great deal with the best television manufacturers. 

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