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With the popularity of Instagram, users have found many new ways to use the app. Many users have begun to find Instagram a great source to share their travel routine. They upload their pictures to the platform, and their friends can follow along as they make their journey. However, sometimes it is hard to keep track of their travels with the regular Instagram UI. A way to make this easier is with a third-party web app called Instagram Photo Map that lets users track Instagram posts on a map. The app has a very easy to use interface. Simply enter the Instagram username of a public account and generate your map. You can easily see the photo map on Instagram on a world map.

The Photo Map is a simple yet efficient tool for showing Instagram posts’ locations. You can enter your username or the username of your favourite celebrity’s account and generate a unique map in seconds, which no matter what your interests may be – whether you want to show off your latest trip and get some inspiration for other places you’d like to visit, or just want to see what places is your favourite influencer visiting – it’s up to you!

You are passionate about travelling, and although there is nowhere on earth that you haven’t been, you still want to travel to the places you haven’t seen. So, you check the locations of your friends or famous people you follow. Instagram Photo Map allow you to browse through Instagram accounts of your close friends or favourite celebrities and discover where they have been on holiday to inspire yourself and plan a trip to their destinations.

This tool allows you to view posts of your fellow Instagrammers in the unique way possible. In the past, Instagram received many complaints from Instaholics who wanted to see exactly where their friends and other accounts have been located over time – so team Someto saw it fit to resurrect this feature. This mapping feature is available to you simply by clicking on the coordinates icon while viewing an image for any public account. Many private users may complain about not accessing this web application, but unfortunately, the creators can’t provide data for personal accounts without special permission from Instagram. Team Someto looks forward to releasing an opt-in function in future updates!

See where the users you follow are from, if they live in your city or visit places that are close to yours, and if they’ve taken trips to new places. Use these details as inspiration for your trip ideas or simply as a guide. This web app version retrieves 50 posts by each user, including any user’s photo tagged in. 


  1. What’s an Instagram photo map?

Instagram photo map is coordinates of pictures taken from different places. Instagram photo map is also called a location map or a location collage. People use Instagram for various reasons, such as telling their own stories, finding inspiration, or sharing the beauty of life through photos. Instagram photo map is a fun and creative way to display the locations of photos you took to tell your story.

  1. How does an Instagram photo map work?

Instagram photo map shows the geolocations where the photos of the Instagrammers have been posted. These photos are available at geotags. The Photo Map will show you the locations of pictures of you, your friends, influencers and even the images of celebrities. It will also show the pictures according to the geolocation where they were posted. 

  1. How to access Instagram photo map?

By default, you cannot access the Instagram photo map. However, you can use a tool called Instagram Photo Map to get a photo map of any Instagram account. It allows you to explore the places where you and your friends have uploaded photos. The photo map visualises the locations of all the images uploaded by you and your friends and displays them on a map.

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