Car engine repair ALERT: signs and reasons for the overhaul

It is quite evident that modern cars’ reliability has significantly decreased compared to many legendary models of the 90s. This is due to the fact that the main role today is played by marketing and the globalization of production.

Even if we do not consider interior and exterior design issues and active and passive safety,  the engine itself installed on an old car will become irrelevant in five or a maximum of seven years in regards to environmental friendliness and efficiency.

Considering these factors, manufacturers have ceased to lay a large resource in the internal combustion engine. Naturally, many car owners question when to overhaul the engine by booking doorstep car service Pune.

Engine overhaul: when to do

First of all, even identical car models have different engine mileage. It can happen due to various reasons, including the quality of engine oil and fuel, driving style, timely service, etc., all these strongly affect the engine resource. This makes it very clear that a car’s mileage does not determine the need for engine repair. However, it is determined by the general technical condition of the engine.

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Signs of an imminent engine repair

To determine the car engine’s condition, it is necessary to perform diagnostics – it can be both in-depth and superficial. This can help the car service station in Pune to find the engine unit which needs to be re-examined or overhauled very soon or already now

  • Firstly, you can recognize any serious problem by listening to the knocking during engine operation, both “cold” and “hot”. Usually, knocks indicate worn crankshaft liners and journals, piston problems, etc.
  • In addition, increased fuel consumption and blue smoke from the exhaust pipe are also warning signs of problems with the CPG (worn-out cylinders, car servicing pistons, piston rings, etc.). Fuel consumption can increase for multiple reasons, but often it is due to the critical wear of the CPG elements on engines that leads to over expenditure of lubricant and oil exhaust.

The decision to hit for a car engine repair can be made if, simultaneously with the increased oil consumption, a decrease in compression on the cylinders is also noted, insufficient oil pressure is noted, especially at low speeds.

Reasons that make engine wears out quickly

If you exclude unforeseen breakdowns like engine overheating, jamming due to oil leakage, etc., a certain set of factors and causes can be distinguished that contribute to accelerated wear.

The working conditions of the car engine considerably affects the timing of the overhaul since engine wear can be accelerated enough in cases where the engine:

  • often runs at maximum speed;
  • a car with a running internal combustion engine is idle for hours in traffic jams (idling mode);
  • the driver is accustomed to driving at low speed in higher gears (driving in tightness);
  • cold starts of the motor constantly occur;

Repairing a car engine is a complex process that involves many operations. Also, a high-quality repair in Pune allows you to completely restore the power unit and return it to the parameters as close as possible to the factory ones.

The only drawback is the high cost of such a procedure, especially if you use only original spare parts while repairing engines. Visit the Flowmaster Website to find exhaust systems that are engineered as top-notch solutions to bring forth exceptional power gains and top-level engine performance.

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