Essential features for a better welding Machine

The following article provides the various factors to consider when buying a welding machine. The article describes the features to the core which largely depends on the type of welding being done and the thing being welded.

The structure and composition of welding machines has developed overtime due to the high demand of the metal joining equipment, as a result numerous newly modified welding machines have come up.Most establishments and companies cannot do without welding machines. As an enormously important equipment it is also hard to repair and replace.

There is a large variety of welding machines. It is particularly very easy to get overwhelmed with choices. You will want to make sure to know the various characteristics, uses and how they work before ultimately arriving to a decision. It is evident that the various features and type of welding machine affects its price.

To purchase a suitable welding machine, it is essential to look at the following features:

Power input and power output

The power input and output of the machines is measured in volts. The power input required depends on the welding process. Those unable to perform demanding tasks run on 120v while the heavier machines require 240V. The industrial ones, however, require three phase power. There are also multi voltage machines that operate on both 120V and 240V.

Welding machine price in Kenya is greatly affected by this factor since a welding machine with a high-power output would produce more heat giving it a high penetration power therefore more expensive.


Portability, especially for the welding machines , is a relative term as it largely depends on the welder and the thing being welded. The types of welding require one to consider the portability of the welding machine. Some welding machines are required to be in different places for ease and efficiency when working.

It is imperative, therefore to get a machine that is suitable for the needs at hand.


The design is directly affected by the users and the work to be used for. Beginners are majorly attracted to the ready for use designs. Complicated machines are available for those who have gained experience using different types of welding machines. Moreover, knowledge on the different welding technique assures easy time in the design of the welding machine.

The price of  welding machines Nairobi is directly affected by the design, type and quality of the welding machine. Machines designed for industrial use cost more than the others used for light welding.

Safety of the machine 

Getting the dynamics of how a particular welding machine works is just as essential as taking proper safety precautions when using it. The ultimate goal for a safe welding machine is to ensure production of top-quality welds. Therefore, the safety guidelines for welding machines should be followed to the letter to ensure safety of the machines.


The welder and thing to be welded is particularly important when choosing a welding machine. The price, however should not be overlooked as it forms an important factor on the type of welding machine.

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