Consider the Following When Deciding the Price of a Welding Machine that Suit Your Needs

If you are planning on purchasing a welding machine, one of the factors you might want to consider is how much it will cost you. This article explains some of the factors that determine the price of a welding machine in Kenya.

Welders, also known as welding machines, are among the most critical tools a welding professional requires. They are used to melt metal parts by generating heat for these parts to be joined. Nonetheless, you cannot use a single welding machine for all welding projects.

Whether you already own one or not, buying a welding machine can be an excruciating task since more and more models are being made, and they all have different features. Buying one for the first time is even more confusing, especially since there are many things to consider, such as the right price in Kenya, the brand, and the essential features you need.

The power input and output

One of the factors to consider when choosing a welding machine price in Kenya is the amount of power required for the welding process. A machine that runs on 120V is appropriate for a less demanding task, whereas a more arduous task requires a 240V. Massive projects big industries operate on three-phase power. However, some welding guns can run on 120V and also on 240V.

Moreover, by using the needed power out, you could determine the suitable machine for you. To produce more heat to penetrate more and melt the metals and weld, you will require a high power output.

The Welding Process

Identifying the welding process that matches your task can help you identify the type of machine you will need. TIG, MIG, and MMA are the three most common types of welding processes.

TIG is best suited for industrial or pros because of its high melting point and is a complicated skill to learn. MIG welding machine is the perfect for beginners since it is the most accessible type of welding to learn. First-timers can use MIG on various metals of different gauge sizes or thicknesses. MMA is best suited for dirty materials that are thick and rusty, also appropriate for outdoor conditions.

The Size and Weight

Quickly moving your welder is also another factor to keep in mind, especially since you will be required to be in different positions as you work. Also, if you will be working at a specific location, or will you have different working stations. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a welding machine that is portable enough to meet your needs.

Additional costs

When choosing welding machine price in Kenya, you should also consider the price of the accessories that come with purchasing it. Also, try to find out if the spare parts are available in Kenya.


The price of a welding machine in Kenya varies depending on the brand, type, and performance. For industrial use, you will require a powerful engine that will cost you more than a machine for light welding.

Nonetheless, you might want to consider a welding machine that will give you value for your money. Going for the latest features or the feature-packed machine might cost you more for features that you will not need.


There are different set prices for welding machines available in Kenya. It is essential to consider the abovementioned factors when figuring out which price suits you or how much you are willing to spend.

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