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Coupons and Promo codes are the best way to save money on almost everything you buy online. is the largest and most popular coupon site in the world. We offer coupons and promo codes for thousands of online stores including big-box stores, boutiques, and everything in between.

As a business owner, you’ll need to know how to use coupons, promo codes, and deals to help attract customers and boost your profit margins.


A coupon is a document offering a discount on the purchase of particular goods or services. They can be attached to a newspaper or magazine, sent via mail, distributed in stores, printed, or sent digitally. You can offer coupons for the following reasons:

  • To attract new customers by lowering the entry cost for a product or service
  • To incentivize an existing customer base to make additional purchases
  • To reward loyal customers with special offers

Coupons come in many forms. Let’s take a look at the most common types and their pros and cons.

Discount coupon. This is the most common type of coupon and typically includes dollar off discounts on products or services. The benefit of this type of coupon is that it’s easy for customers to understand how much they are saving. But it doesn’t encourage customers to spend more money as they’re already getting a good deal on their purchase. For example, if you offer a $5 discount on a $50 item, this will reduce your profit margin by 10%.

Creative Ways to Get The Most Out of Coupon Code

Coupons can be a great source of savings. In fact, more than 90 percent of consumers have used them at some point to save money, according to a recent study by Valassis, the largest coupon distributor in the U.S. But not all coupons are created equal, and there are many ways to take advantage of coupons without spending too much time clipping or printing them.

Coupon codes can be a great way to offer your customers additional savings. They’re great for special promotions, like offering a discount if they purchase within a certain time frame. Or, you can use them for loyalty rewards and customer referrals. Whether you are buying for someone as a gift or treating yourself, this Jeulia $45 off coupon could be very valuable indeed. Simply take the promo code given to you, apply it at the checkout, and enjoy having a nice little amount knocked off the price of your next Jeulia purchase.

You’ve probably seen coupon codes in action on a variety of sites. But what exactly are they? Coupon codes are also known as discount or promo codes, but the idea is the same — it’s just a code that customers enter during the checkout process to trigger a discount on their order. That discount can be either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the total purchase price.

In some cases, coupon codes are only available to email subscribers and are not advertised on the website itself. The discounts offered via coupon codes may be either sitewide or only available for select products. For example, you could provide all customers with 10% off their next order, or you could offer $10 off an order of $50 or more.

Here’s a look at some of the most effective strategies for making the most out of coupons.

Use coupons in conjunction with sales

The best way to reduce your grocery bill is to use coupons on top of sale prices. A coupon for $1 off one box of cereal is better than no coupon, but it will do you even more good if you use that coupon when the cereal is already on sale for 50 cents off the regular price. You’ll get both discounts — saving yourself even more money.

Sign up for store loyalty programs

Stores often offer their customers additional savings opportunities through loyalty programs or clubs for frequent shoppers. Look into these programs so you can take advantage of exclusive deals and sales that are offered only to members. For example, many grocery stores offer additional discounts on sale items to loyalty club members who show their store membership card at checkout.

Most Successful Shopify Stores

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