Crucial Characteristics of Geotextile fabrics

A piece of geotextile fabric is a polyester material used with soil to drain, protect, separate, and filter. Materials made from the fabric are referred to as synthetics or filter fabrics. This article will look at geometric fabric. It is very durable and is used in meshes. The materials vary depending on the various users.

Due to the many activities in the world today, laying a solid foundation in certain areas is very important. Geometric fabrics are used in various areas such as road construction. During the purchase of a geometric material, several characteristics are put into consideration, as explained below;


Like every other general material, there are various geometric fabrics. The purchase of a fabric depends on the buyer’s preferred material. The classes include meshes and directionally oriented structures. The acquisition also depends on the purpose of the geometric fabric.


The lifespan of a geometric fabric is considered no matter its use. You want to purchase that material that will serve you for an extended period before its replacement.

A fabric that stays for an extended period saves you the time and money to repair the patched areas; therefore, considering a material with a longer lifespan is advised.


Geotextile fabrics have many uses, mainly during the construction of roads, drains, breakwaters, and harbour works. You can use them for home purposes in fencing, where meshes are used on some areas like farms and homes. The purpose of the fabric determines the length and thickness needed in the respective area.


The model of a geometric fabric is another characteristic worth putting into consideration. Some may be in grid, diamond, and circular form; therefore, it is good to be conversant with the materials before purchase. The model of the fabric also varies according to the type of brand. The model of the fabric determines the geotextile fabric price in Kenya.


The thickness of the material determines its lifespan depending on its use and the amount of weight to put on the fabric, like stones. A piece of thick fabric is preferred since it has a long lifespan than a fragile fabric and also has good quality. The quality of the material is greatly determined by its thickness depending on the brand used.


During the purchase of the fabric, its use is considered to purchase the suitable material according to its use. Knowing different fabrics and their uses is very important when purchasing the desired fabric.

Price of the fabric

Other characteristics strongly determine the price of the fabric. The brand, quality, thickness, and lifespan of the material are all determinants of price. A thicker fabric that is more durable with a unique design from a well-established brand will go at a higher price than one that is weak.


Knowing the types of geometric fabrics and their purposes are highly recommended to purchase suitable materials for your use. The thickness of the material determines the price and durability. This article is very informative to anyone willing to buy a geometric fabric, so the reference is recommended.

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