What you need to know before Purchasing a Commercial Oven

Have you installed a professional oven in your kitchen? It’s about time you got one. It is among the virtual devices in a commercial kitchen. It improves staff productivity and allows you to prepare high-quality, flavorful food while cooking various meals at once without sacrificing texture or taste.

If you enter the hospitality industry, proper kitchen equipment is essential for adequate food preparation. But, due to the availability of various models on the market, selecting one from them is difficult. When choosing a commercial oven in Kenya, consider the factors listed below.

Take a closer look at the following considerations to understand what is essential before buying one.

The properties of the oven

Some important aspects to examine are the type of doors and racks and if the oven has a timer.

Doors for commercial ovens can be solid or glass. Stainless steel makes solid doors with good insulating properties that help keep heat within. On the other hand, solid doors can cause heat loss since you have to open them to verify your food.

Glass doors, in contrast, don’t provide the same amount of insulation as solid doors, but they do allow you to inspect your food without having to open them. Many models of glass doors use low-emissivity glass.

Timer ovens have digital displays and manual or programmable timers to help you keep track of how long your food is cooking. One can turn a knob on a manual timer to generate a countdown timer. When the countdown timer expires, the commercial oven beeps to indicate the cooking time is up.

Many of the latest commercial ovens include timers that switch the oven off whenever the cooking time is up. Timer Cookers are helpful in commercial kitchens that require one to divide their attention between multiple tasks. A programmable timer that switches the commercial oven off automatically also helps to reduce the risk of overcooking food products.

Another property to look into is the rakes. One can use oven racks to load and support the food while it cooks in the commercial oven. They must be able to roll in or out easily for ease of use.

The cost of the oven

You can always select an oven that meets your needs and budget. You can always purchase your eatery’s most costly and innovative commercial oven with a flexible budget. If you have a limited budget, it is always a good idea to compare the price and features of the different kinds of calculators available before making a purchase. Like other appliances, the commercial oven prices in Kenya vary depending on the oven’s elements.

Dimensions and Capacity

Determine how much room you have available for the commercial oven in your bakery. Large commercial kitchens can accommodate multiple items, but smaller bakeries or pastry shops should carefully consider their floor plan.

However, this does not imply that you must compromise on oven capacity. Numerous brands available today provide more space without increasing the size. You can make an informed decision by choosing one that corresponds to your needs.

Simple to use

Working in a pastry shop can indeed be stressful enough on its own. Having a quality commercial oven that is simple to use can help to ease a bit of stress on your staff.

On occasion, the much more practical option is to stick with an oven with essential features that all staff members can efficiently operate. However, you may want to consider investing in a range that uses advanced technology to aid you in minimizing the cost.


The commercial oven you use in your kitchen could significantly affect the taste and quality of the foods you serve. It also has an impact on the performance of your kitchen. As a result, when looking for the best commercial oven, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond your budget if you find a high-quality product that meets all your requirements.

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