Factors to consider before buying a concrete cutter machine

Do you need a concrete cutter machine for your next construction project? Are you wondering how much it will cost? If yes, then this article is here to help you choose just the right one for you.

Concrete cutting is the process of sawing, drilling, and removal of concrete with precision and skill. In construction, many specialized machines cut concrete, leaving smooth and clean surfaces. Here, we will explore the different concrete cutter machines and the factors to consider before buying them.

Having the right tool for concrete cutting is crucial as it can be dangerous. Because there are many concrete cutting tools out there, it can be confusing which one is best suited for the needs of your next construction project. Some of the available concrete cutter machines in Kenya are chain, walk-behind, wall, and circular saws.

The following are the factors to consider before buying a concrete cutter machine.

Blade Types

Before buying a concrete cutter machine, you must know the blade best suited for your construction project.

If you need to make deeper cuts, you might consider using diamond blades because they cut more efficiently and are applicable for wet and dry sawing. If you want to make shallow cuts, consider using corundum masonry blades.


Before you purchase a concrete cutting machine, you need to know whether you will work with your device for long or short periods. Ask yourself the following questions:

What is the location? Do you need a heavier saw or a lighter machine that is easier to handle? How long can the battery last? Do you need a longer or a shorter cord for your electric concrete cutting machine?

The Cost

If you want a quality concrete cutting tool, then you must be prepared to invest. Concrete cutter machine price in Kenya mainly impacts the size and the type of machine you need. Do not worry if you are on a budget because many affordable concrete cutting machines on the market will fit your set budget or your needs.


Because cutting concrete is hard and dangerous, choosing a concrete cutter machine with safety features such as dust filters and safety guards is vital to avoid accidents.

The job specifications

To buy the best concrete cutter machine in Kenya, you must determine the kind of job you have. For example, if you are working on a construction site with no electricity, you must buy a concrete cutter machine powered by a battery or fuel.

For deep cuts, you will need a concrete cutter machine with big blades that can make the deep cuts, and for straight line cuts, you will need to buy a concrete machine with an in-build laser guide.


Finding a suitable concrete cutting machine might be difficult, but we hope that this article has been essential in helping you determine the saw you would like to purchase.

This machine is primarily essential for cutting concrete , floors, as well as stone pavements. Its functionality and usage are simple, as well as more efficient when no power supply is available.

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