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Cryptocurrencies’ adoption: Factors that influence it

Cryptocurrency is the latest trend nowadays, with wild price swings occurring nearly every day. However, with this method of exchange being over a decade old, the currency is getting to the forefront. It is being traded 24 hours a day, and, as per statistics from Skynova, over 30 percent of U.S. small businesses now recognize the currency.

There are many important factors to consider, both practical and technical, before deciding whether or not to accept cryptocurrency. We’ll evaluate all the cryptocurrency elements entrepreneurs must consider and analyze how blockchain-based startups are working to make a mark in the market.

Why Businesses Are Accepting Crypto?

  • Cheaper

Businesses that are crypto-friendly avoid the extra costs incurred by traditional payment systems. These costs, including operating and administrative fees, can be cut using blockchain-based technologies that do not require third-party involvement. In contrast to fiat currencies, crypto does not have a tie to any particular nation of origin and thus does not have to pay excessive foreign exchange charges or handling costs. This allows businesses to have a more significant profit margin and provide customers with the most price for their money regardless of their location.

  • Faster

The advances in technology in payments enable consumers and merchants to communicate instantly worldwide. With cross-border payment options created by crypto-based payment methods, businesses can extend their reach globally by accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As opposed to traditional methods for transfer that require longer for intermediaries to complete transactions, crypto removes these intermediaries and lets transactions be completed in a fraction of the time.

  • Safer

In contrast to banks, transactions are irreversible, which safeguards businesses from chargeback fraud. The majority of chargebacks are handled by centralized institutions that can reverse transactions. However, charges could be fraudulent when customers ask for reimbursements because they successfully received their products or services. Unfortunately, small companies are usually the targets of frauds involving chargebacks. Payment service providers that use crypto, such as KuCoin crypto exchange, help prevent chargeback fraud, protecting merchants from fraud and ensuring that they don’t get placed at a disadvantage when conducting business.

  • An attraction to potential customers

The use of virtual currencies will help attract new customers and help to establish your company with a modern image. More people than ever are keen on investing, spending, and trading with cryptocurrency. Small-scale businesses can be ahead of the competition by getting involved in blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency can assist your business in reaching out to customers looking for ways to utilize their earnings.

  • Risks are lower when trading

The most significant benefit of accepting cryptocurrency payments is that it can offer lower risk. If, for instance, you’re a small-sized business proprietor in the U.S. and you accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, when the value is very high, then you can sell it for that price. If the price of Bitcoin falls, the business will not be affected by losses as you haven’t converted your cryptocurrency into fiat currency.

In the end, I believe there are many good reasons to use cryptocurrency as a method of business. Before doing this, however, it is essential to think about the risk of the crypto market and what it could be for you. It is possible to reduce volatility partly by the capability to convert cryptocurrency transactions into U.S. dollars upon receiving payments.

  • More sales

Crypto allows small businesses to expand their operations and make themselves available to international customers who could not access their goods and services. For instance, a small electronic retailer reported selling $300,000 worth of merchandise to over 40 countries by accepting cryptocurrency.

  • Flexibility for Potential Customers

Businesses should provide their clients with as many methods to pay for their purchases. Bitcoin ATMs are becoming more commonplace in Canada, so increasing numbers of potential customers are becoming used to using them.

How can I accept cryptocurrency?

If you choose to move forward and accept cryptocurrency, There are a few steps that you’ll be required to complete. The process is the same as setting up an organization that processes credit cards.

For starters, you’ll need to decide whether to use a processor for accepting payments or prefer to take them in person. A processor can simplify the process. However, you’ll need to join a business such as BitPay and PayPal for the first time to accept payments.

Alternately, you can accept cryptocurrency payments for your small business on your own, but it’s slightly more complex. In the beginning, you’ll need to sign up for an account with an exchange for crypto, such as KuCoin, to ensure that your customers can send you money. After that, you can incorporate functionality into your website to allow customers can transfer crypto to your account on the exchange.

 In the end, you’ll have to complete the steps necessary to withdraw your cryptocurrency from your exchange account, either by moving it into an online wallet or exchanging the currency for dollars and then transferring money to the account of your corporate banking account.


As crypto is a game-changer in the world of payment systems as we know them, more and more people are becoming used to making payments using cryptocurrency. Don’t overlook the digital revolution; begin thinking about accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payments. There is a little tip for you before crypto withdraw, you should go to a reliable place to check the BTC price to make sure this is the right time to cash out. 

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