Do you know about the softwares which is used in online gambling websites?

There are many online gambling websites available all over the internet on which you can play casino games online without going outside. Just like this feature, there are many other features too which are offered by these gambling websites. These features also lead to the leading cause of the inclining trend of online casinos. At present, the majority of people prefer online casinos instead of offline casinos because of these features.

There are numerous features which are provided by these online websites like you can get a high amount of bonus, it is very convenient because you can play it anywhere and anytime, etc. there are many websites available on the internet on which you can play all the casino games, and in addition to all the games which are offered by the offline casino, you can also play many other games too. It is because an online casino offers a large variety of games in contrast to an offline casino.

The primary factor which is necessary for online casinos is software which is used to run this casino. This softwares ensures that the game is fair because it cannot be controlled by anyone. They will only show the random result on the screen, which helps to eradicate the chance of fraud. There are many websites like puzzy888 (พุซซี่888) which uses high-end software to make the games much better. Below mentioned is the detailed clarification of the term softwares, which is used in online gambling.

Different types of softwares

Basically, those softwares which are used in online gambling are categorized into three parts which are downloadable, instant play, and those which can be apps on mobile. You can use any of these types for playing online gambling to complete your requirement. The best factor, in all three ways, is that there is not a single difference between these types on the basis of the format for the game.

  • Downloadable software: If we talk about the downloadable softwares, then these are all the softwares that is only compatible with those PCs that are operated through the window. It is used by the majority of online casinos, and you can only run these types of websites on your PC only.
  • There are many benefits of this downloadable software. That’s why it is used more in contrast to others, and you can easily see this software in most online casino platforms. There is one of the most famous platforms for gambling named is puzzy888 (พุซซี่888) also using this types of softwares. The prominent benefit of using these types of software is that you can easily choose the game out of immense variety and load then start playing it.
  • Instant play software: It is also one of the most dedicated types of softwares that are used in online gambling. Downloadable softwares is already used by online casino websites, but these types of softwares are starting to be used, and the trend is declining day by day. So, in the near future, you will also see instant play software as a common software that is used by every website, like downloadable software.

If the casino is using instant play software, then you can play directly from the internet browser of your device, and there is no need to download anything. The best part of these types of software is that it will be compatible with numerous devices because it uses adobe flash, which will help to increase the reach all over the world. You can play many of its games through your mobile.

  • Mobile app: besides the two types which are mentioned above there one more type of software is used in online gambling, which is a mobile app. In instant play software, you can only play some of the games on mobile, but with the use of this software, you can take the experience of the wide variety of games which are offered by the online casino by downloading the application which is specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. You can download these apps from the official app store of your device.

Major casino software provider

There are many software providers available all over the world, but some of the most famous providers are mentioned below.


If we talk about the softwares which is used in online casinos and don’t talk about the Playtech company, it is impossible. The primary reason behind this, it is the most famous and recognizable software provider in the era of online casinos. All significant and significant gambling sites only contact Playtech for softwares.

They had already introduced many types of games in the online casino which are of different categories like card games, live dealer games, video poker, and many more. Besides all these categories of games, Playtech is well recognized for the selection of slot games.


This is the second most famous software provider regarding online casinos. It was the first company that came in contact with online gambling to provide the software. According to many experts, Microgaming is the company that opened the first online casino all over the world, which was launched in 1994.

Microgaming is a well known company for software all over the world. Besides all the games which are offered by Microgaming, it also prepared and operated the network of online poker. They are continuously offering new games in online gambling, which is the best feature of this company.

Net entertainment

It is also a famous software provider, and it is a Swedish company. Besides this fact, it is also known by the name of NetEnt. It was launched as an online gambling company which was introduced in 1996. The best factor of this software provider company is that it is established by the owner of the largest land-based casino, which was situated in Scandinavia. This company has won many medals for their technology. It is also known as the best online gambling software provider. This company offers many types of games, but one of the prominent games for which the company is famous is slot.

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