Does international law hold any ground when it comes to the Israel-Palestine conflict?

When it comes to the Israel-Palestine conflict the international law hasn’t been able to make much of a difference as the UN and other such organizations have tried to tone down the conflict but have failed badly. The very reason is the uneven distribution of the power and resources in this whole thing, Israel has very generous moral and financial support from some of the most powerful countries out there and thus is supplied with top-of-the-line weaponry and defense systems. Palestine on the other hand doesn’t even have proper resources to defend themselves properly, they are fighting a war without even a tiny stick to be able to hold the oppressors off.

International law dictates that every citizen or human even under occupation has the moral ground to defend themselves in any possible shape and form. Israeli oppression has crossed its limits there are more than 200 people dead in the course of the recent escalation of the conflict. This does include children and women so if anything Israel should be deeply ashamed of itself and all of this vile propaganda that it is running. UN says that people have the right to their self-defense which is exactly what Hamas is doing, interpreting the Israeli attacks and launching a response. Israel is running a mission for the forced displacement of the Palestinians from Gaza and the west bank, the very areas they were given to live in.

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The fighting has spread into more classes of Jews and Palestinians and the hitting of the rockets and the smashing of the building on Palestinians has not stopped at all, what should Palestinians do to defend themselves against this raging brutality and oppression? There is nothing related to this in international law or in the policies of the UN but they are given the right to defend themselves which they are doing the best they can.

According to the Israeli militants they are only attacking tunnels and military facilities across Palestine which is so wrong, what they are actually doing is the genocide of the Palestinians ripping them off from the very land that belongs to them. On what merits is it right or civil? But the international law seems to have lost any jurisdiction to conduct a fair assessment of the scenario and giving Palestinians their land back.

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Residential buildings with people still in them are being targeted, electric and water supply is badly disturbed and moreover the medical relief units are also being targeted via Israeli rockets making it difficult for Palestine to attend to any medical emergencies in the region. During all of this wild chase of Palestinians, Israel has not even spared the journalists, the intentional news headquarters in Gaza has already been stormed with rockets by Israel and reduced to rubbles. When will the whole world including the UN and their so-called international law come to their senses and how long Palestinians have to suffer before they can have their land back.

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