Easy Chocolate Mushroom Recipe That Anyone Can Make

Chocolate is one of the weaknesses of many sweet teeth. It turns out to be an ingredient that is used to make all kinds of sweets and even savory dishes. Some prefer the intense flavor provided by that 80% cocoa tablet, others seek the sweetness of white chocolate, and some the smoothness of that mixed with milk. Regardless of preferences, what is clear is that there are some of the most irresistible recipes, such as the one that we have brought to you here. Don’t miss out on these amazing how to make chocolate shrooms!

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On this occasion, the first thing we need to know is how to melt the chocolate so as not to spoil it.  The main advice is to treat it delicately and melt it in a  bain-marie or microwave. If you opt for this last strategy, do it carefully, because it can burn out very quickly. Ideally, let the 

ingredient reach 45 degrees and then lower it to 31 degrees,  this way it doesn’t spoil and it will last much longer.

Once we have melted the chocolate, we put it in a cup-shaped mold and let it cool.  When it is ready, remove it from the mold carefully so that it does not break and the shape is maintained. Next, we fill it with a  60% ganache, a very creamy chocolate spread that will melt in our mouths when we bite into it.

We make a  fresh and fluffy sponge cake, we cut it into squares, we bathe it in a Baylis syrup and we put it in the little glass of chocolate that we have made. We also add nougat butter cream and close the mixture with the same ganache that we have made.

The head of the mushroom is made of small chocolate petisus with a 

crunchy craquelin, we introduce a little caramel and a sparkling mascarpone.  Dip the glass in the ganache and stick the body with the head of the mushroom.

The result is a wonderful dessert, ideal for sharing in the best company.

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