Easy Ways to Keep Office Floors Shiny and Clean

Floor cleaning is one of the main tasks that are part of a full office cleaning service. However, this task is not the same in all offices, since it will depend on the type of floor that we face, that is, the material. What material is your office floor made of? From Jacobsen’s cleaning service, as experts in office cleaning, we offer disinfection solutions for all types of floors, always paying attention to their characteristics to guarantee their protection. Here are some tips to clean the floors of an office according to its material.

Tips for cleaning office floors

Before carrying out a floor cleaning task, it is necessary to determine what disinfection procedure should be followed to avoid damaging it and to achieve the best result.

If the floor is made of wood, the first thing to do is sweep the surface well, and then scrub with a specific product for wood. Another option is to use vinegar mixed with a lot of water. And right after scrubbing each department or office, you must mop it to dry, thus avoiding the accumulation of moisture on such a delicate floor.

In offices with carpeted floors, clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner daily. While for more thorough disinfection, there are two options: dry cleaning or steam cleaning. The choice of one or the other will depend on the condition of the carpet, the conditions of the office, and the client’s preferences.

Finally, and although they are less common, marble floors can also be found in offices. Cleaning begins with a soft mop to remove dust without damaging the material. Then the floor will be scrubbed with water mixed with a polishing product to make the floor as shiny as possible.

Whatever floor you have in your office, the best thing you can do is entrust its cleaning to true experts. And from Jacobsen’s cleaning company we are at your disposal, you can contact us without obligation.

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