Enjoy Your Meals At Cracker Barrel With Your Friends Without Worrying About Calories

Visiting Australia is all about trying to get a taste of local culture and native Australian cuisine. Australia is famous for its seafood made from fresh catch and natively grown produce and herbs. There are many restaurants here that just do not deliver delicious Australian food, but are also very affordable and will not make a hole in your pockets to try out some authentic southern Australian dishes.

Cracker Barrel is one such restaurant chain that the residents visit frequently and the best part is that you can afford lunch for under $20 here. The restaurant has won many awards and is known for its outstanding product delivery. All the Cracker Barrel restaurants have an attached gift shop that sells souvenirs, novelty items, and many other items that you can take back to gift to your loved ones. These restaurants down-to-home southern-style cooking and offer a very friendly dining atmosphere.

Eating healthy at Cracker Barrel

Whenever we think of dining out, most of the dishes that come to our mind are not the healthiest and if you are forced by your friends to go out with them when you are on a strict diet, it just gets very difficult. However, you can choose the healthier of meal options and from the cracker barrel menu, some of the foods that can safely land in your stomach when you are on a diet are:

1. Wholesome Fixin’s:

  • Pecan-crusted catfish with a side of steamed broccoli on the side is the least calorie-loaded option on their Fixin’s menu.
  • If you want to ramp up the taste, you can add cheese grits that will add a total of 150 calories to the dish.

2. Smokehouse breakfast:

  • Instead of biscuits and stacks of pancakes, smokehouse breakfast serves calorie-conscious people better.
  • With grits, 2 eggs, and turkey sausage, you can safely consume protein-loaded 350 calories from this breakfast platter.

3. Grilled rainbow trout:

  • One of the healthiest menu options, this lemon pepper trout is tasty, filling, and lighter on unwanted calories.
  • With a whooping protein content of 43 grams and almost negligible carbohydrates, you get a complete meal at just 350 calories.

4. Grilled chicken tenderloins:

  • With cider BBQ sauce at just additional 80 calories, this chicken meal is heavily loaded with good proteins and is a low-fat meal for dieters.
  • The whole meal with the dipping sauce would be around 310 calories which is pretty decent with the amount of protein you get in one portion.

5. Salads and soups:

  • Opt for the house salad for just 260 calories with lots of croutons, bacon, cheese, and vegetables.
  • The vegetable soup is the lowest on calories and is a delicious and nutrient-packed bowl for just 170 calories.
  • Do not consume the complementary crackers that come with the soup bowl and if you are choosing some of their heavy soups like clam chowder, opt for a small cup instead of a full bowl.

While everything at Cracker Barrel is delicious, it is also extra loaded with calories that you want to consume when you are on a diet. So, choose wisely instead of ordering berries and whipped cream, order fresh apple slices, and instead of opting for highly loaded sandwiches and burgers, opt for open-faced sandwiches and salads on the side.

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