Grab a Cup of Cappuccino on National Cappuccino Day

Celebrate the luscious and creamy flavors of a cappuccino on National Cappuccino Day. This is a coffee beverage that came from Italy. It holds the warmth and comfort of a hot, foamy, milky coffee drink for coffee lovers.
Hence, people celebrate and honor the frothy and whipped cup of cappuccino every 8th day of November.

Make sure to cater to your target customers with the utmost services using QR code menu software during this memorable holiday. Set up a comfortable nook in your restaurant and curate an interactive menu that highlights the essence of cappuccino.

Let’s look at how you can celebrate National Cappuccino Day in your restaurant and café.

Marketing Ideas for National Cappuccino Day

The Catholic Church’s Capuchin Friars, a minor order of Franciscan friars, are credited with creating a cappuccino. These friars are based in Rome, Italy, where they are well-known for their charitable missionary activity.
However, People in Italy created the modern-day cappuccino beverage in the early 1900s. The use of espresso machines started around this time. Baristas and specialty coffee shops make steamed and frothed cream for each espresso shot, giving cappuccinos their decadent flavor.
Use these creative marketing tactics to commemorate National Cappuccino Day in your restaurant and café.

Offer discounted cappuccino drinks

Take this opportunity to offer discounted cappuccino drinks in your restaurant and café during National Cappuccino Day.

Use the QR code menu software to curate an interactive menu QR code that presents a cappuccino menu item on your online ordering page. You can set up if the cappuccino on your online ordering page is served hot or cold.

Aside from that, make sure your customers have the best time of their lives while they slowly sip your hot cappuccino in your restaurant and café.
Entice your customers’ cappuccino cravings by posting a special discount banner on your social media accounts.

Give free Puppuccino to customers

Take advantage of National Cappuccino Day to give your clients’ pets a gift in a cup! Whenever a customer orders a coffee beverage at your restaurant or café, provide them with a pup cup or a puppuccino so their pets can enjoy a memorable holiday.

Puppuccino is safe for animals because it doesn’t include tea or caffeine. Nothing but pure whipped cream is present in the cup.

Give the pets of your customers a cup of whipped cream so they can partake in the holiday celebrations while sipping their steaming coffee.

Post the celebration on your social media

The majority of coffee aficionados around the world celebrate National Cappuccino Day. Remember to publish postcards and messages about the Cappuccino celebration on November 8 on your social media profiles.
Use pertinent hashtags like #NationalCappuccinoDay, #GrabACupOfCappuccino, or #SharePuppuccinoToPets to interact with customers and keep track of restaurant engagements.
Take advantage of this opportunity to provide desserts and cappuccino drinks at a discount at your cafe and restaurant. Give your cappuccino recipes to your clients so they may join in the celebration.

Host a cappuccino-making contest

Invite your customers to join the cappuccino-making contest in your restaurant during National Cappuccino Day. Make sure to give them free coffee beans, unlimited use of your espresso machine, and other amenities during the contest.

Post the contest details on your social media accounts and invite coffee baristas as judges. The cappuccino-making contest will make your restaurant and café warm with an aromatic coffee scent.
Give the winners special prizes and allow the audience to taste free cappuccino during this contest.
Final thoughts
Never pass up the chance to acknowledge and respect the part that cappuccino plays in improving your clients’ daily life. On this day of cappuccinos, simplify your offerings by implementing a QR code menu program.
Don’t forget to attract your customers’ attention and convince them to order a cappuccino at your café!

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