Buying Used EMC Storage: Risks Associated with Used Storage

It would be a lie to say that buying used EMC storage is always a smooth journey. On the contrary, there are risks associated with doing precisely that.

In most cases, they are easily solved; hence no need to worry about them. However, you can only know the best way to proceed if you already have an idea of the issue. Fortunately, this article discusses precisely that so that you can know what to do next if your equipment has problems. Read on to find out!

Maintenance Contracts

One thing to consider before listing the risks, is that many of these risks can be abated by buying simple maintenance contracts from 3rd party providers. Used EMC parts for their storage sytems can sometimes be difficult to find, or install, so it is important to have an organization on-tap who specializes in those types of  repairs and diagnoses.

1. Replacement Parts

If the used EMC storage you are considering is older, there is a possibility that the manufacturer no longer produces such equipment. Consequently, chances of producing its spare parts may also be relatively low. If that’s the case, what happens if a particular part needs replacement. It is no secret that you will have a hard time finding the part. Worst case scenario is not finding it at all at the end of the day. Therefore, you may end up having a server that won’t work simply because of a small missing part. Such risk is also often associated with used storage equipment; hence essential to do due diligence before buying one.

2. Impossible Scaling

Today, you could be buying a server, and not much would bother you. However, what happens if your business expands later on. It goes without saying that you will need to scale it to meet the new needs. Unfortunately, not every piece of storage equipment is scalable. So, as you buy used storage, ensure that you confirm its scalability before investing it. Otherwise, you might have to go back to buying a new one within no time. Luckily, EMC midrange storage systems scale easily, and with minimal work.

3. General Condition

Not everyone will sell their EMC storage array while its condition is still perfect. As a matter of fact, some will wait until it shows defects then sell it. If you become unlucky and purchase it, it might end up doing more harm than good. Can you imagine buying a server with considerable downtime? That would see your business make huge losses, probably more than you did before the purchase.

That’s why it is vital to ensure that you confirm that the server is working fine. You may not be in a position to return it once you buy it. You definitely don’t want to find yourself stuck with an underperforming server.


At the end of the day, what matters is the equipment that you take home. When it comes to used ones, you can only ensure that you buy something good by doing due diligence. Try finding out whether the condition is good. If the previous owner has made some changes be informed. Ensure that spare parts are readily available, and scalability should also be an option.

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