How to Camp Anywhere From Your Truck

A good camping trip is all about balance. You want to reconnect with the environment and enjoy the natural life, but you also want to bring enough amenities that you’re comfortable while doing so. Many people are able to strike this balance by camping in their truck. If you’re a truck camping enthusiast, you know it can be a blast, but you also know the importance of truck tents & camping accessories when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. With the right accessories, you can turn any area into a campsite when you’re in your truck. Find out why so many people love truck camp kits — and how you can choose the right one for your truck.

Utilize a Truck Tent

A truck tent is an incredibly versatile accessory that allows you to turn any flatbed into a platform for sleeping. If you’ve ever dreamed about falling asleep in the back of your truck and looking up at the stars, this is the best way to do so. In addition to the obvious improvement in security that it can provide, a truck tent is great for enjoying a more comfortable sleeping experience when you’re camping in the wilderness. Even the best camping mattress likely won’t shield you from the feeling of rocks and branches beneath your back.

A truck tent provides a safe and smooth surface to sleep on, so that you can wake up well-rested and ready for adventure. If your intended adventures include off-roading, there are a few other accessories that may benefit your truck, too. Many off-road enthusiasts appreciate the protection that nerf bars can provide. Nerf bars can easily be mounted to the underside of your truck to create additional clearance between its body and the surroundings. This extra space can provide an impressive degree of protection against obstacles, brush, and anything else on the road that could potentially cause damage.

Camp on Your Rooftop

If you want to take truck camping to the next level, you can do so quite literally by trying rooftop camping. Rooftop tents are designed to mount to the roof of your truck and offer shelter from the elements. Campers can enjoy an easy set up and more space than a flatbed tent may afford. Perhaps the greatest advantage of a rooftop tent, though, is the improved security that they offer. When you’re elevated from the ground, you’re safe from wild animals and any other threat that may be on foot.

To find the right rooftop tent, you should look for a model that’s compatible with your truck, and then determine what other criteria you’re looking for. Some roof-mounted tents offer a hard shell, for example, that may add an extra layer of security. Others utilize the space of your flatbed in conjunction with the space of your roof in order to make the tent roomier. With the right rooftop tent, you can enjoy endless expeditions into the wild — all while sleeping on top of your truck.

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