How to Choose the Perfect Custom Lanyard for Your Business

Lanyards are a must-have for businesses, schools, and organizations. They provide a way to display ID badges and can be used for marketing and promotional purposes. With so many lanyard options on the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect custom lanyard for your business.

Types of Custom Lanyards

There are many different types of custom lanyards. So it is essential to do your research before choosing the perfect one for you. Here are three basic types of custom lanyards: 

  • Magnetic

These lanyards have strong magnets to hold onto your clothing or accessory. They are often used for promotional or ceremonial purposes. A magnetic lanyard is a great way to keep your keys, IDs, or other essential items close. It is also an excellent option for security purposes.

  • Strap-On

A strap-on lanyard is a type of lanyard that attaches to the body with a strap. This type of custom lanyard features a metal strap around your wrist. The other end is attached to a key ring or another item. 

This type of lanyard can be used for many purposes. These include – 

  • holding tools or accessories, 
  • keeping a leash attached to a pet, 
  • suspending an object from a staff or beam.

The Benefits of Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are a great way to show your personality and make a statement. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can attach them to various objects. 

There are many benefits to using custom lanyards. Here are some of the most common one: 

  • Custom lanyards add convenience. 

Most people carry around many accessories. But not everyone has the time or resources to try and find each one. With a custom lanyard, you can easily access your favourite accessories without searching through a pile of cords or struggling with tangled knots. 

  • They look great. 

No one wants their outfit to look out of place when they go out. If you want people to know you, you need an attached accessory that stands out.

  • They can be personalized.

A custom lanyard can be uniquely yours. They can be personalized with your favourite logo or text, making them unique and special to you.

You can choose between various materials and styles. This makes it the perfect accessory for any look you might want. 

  • Put the limelight on your business.

Custom lanyards are a great way to show your support for your company. They can also help you stay organized and connected during company events.

  • They are very durable.

They are often made with heavier materials than regular lanyards and can last longer overall.

Choosing Custom Lanyard for Your Business

Personalizing your office space starts with choosing the right lanyard. Lanyards come in many different types and styles. You need to choose one that fits your style and personality. 

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect lanyard for you:

  1. Look for a lanyard that is sturdy and well-made. Lanyards are often made of strong, durable materials such as metal or plastic. They should be able to hold up against everyday wear and tear. They also should be easy to manage – both when you’re wearing them and when you want to take them off.
  2. Consider how your favourite colours will look together. When choosing a lanyard, think about how your favorite colors will look together.

Here’s a round up of the options available:

– type of lanyard: the standard one, ID tag, or key fob

– the size and shape of your lanyard: regular or oversized.

– material: metal, plastic, or cloth.

– Style: key ring or necklace loop options.

  1. There are a few key things to consider when choosing a custom lanyard:

What type of lanyard do you need? 

There are several types of lanyards, each with its benefits and drawbacks. For example, a key ring style lanyard is popular. You can use it to attach to a key ring or belt. However, this type of lanyard is not ideal for carrying large objects like passports or suitcases.

What size do you need? 

Larger lanyards are more comfortable to wear because they fit snugly around the neck. On the other hand, smaller lanyards are easier to carry around because they don’t require as much space on your body.


Choosing the proper manufacturer for custom lanyards is essential. It lets you ensure that your lanyard is of the best quality and meets your specific needs. It is also essential to research the different brands and types of lanyards before choosing one.

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