Is Hacking Good or Bad? Should I consider hiring a hacker, or is it too risky?

Hacking is a subject with varying opinions on it, most the people regard it as evil work, always done with malicious intent of hacking into someone’s working system and stealing data while only a handful of people consider it a Hire A hacker useful profession that can help strengthen a company’s security system and help ensure the safety of one’s data. And understandably so. If we do a google search for; What is hacking or What is a hacker, or even Why should I hire a hacker, it would turn out to be negative in most cases. So, the first order of business is to clear up what is hacking and can it be beneficial?

Hacking: If we look at the definition of Hacking, it roughly defines hacking as gaining unauthorized access to data in a particular computer or a system.


The thought of any foreign entity gaining access to your system does sound unpleasant, but Hacking was not started with malicious intent. Hacker For Hire was initiated by a couple of smart, curious minded MIT students who wanted to complete their tasks in a quicker manner, and these tricks they dubbed as ‘hacks’.


Is there a thing called good Hacking?

Doubtful, but yes. Big companies like Google, Facebook, and many other tech companies hire what they call the ‘good hackers’ or ‘ethical hackers’, in order to test their firewalls and safety and security measures.

These hackers try to get inside the blocks and safety walls created by the company to keep out any malicious intruders. They hire CISO or a team of security experts for this job. This team includes the hackers who work on the betterment of the company’s firewalls, any physical barriers, etc. They find any error in the security system, build their own safeguards, oversee codes, honeypots and such.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking means a group of professional hackers who are hired by a company to run Penetration Tests and find any holes in the system which a hacker can use to enter the database. This group of technical experts test the system for any flaws in security, create their own physical blocks and ensure the safety of the data.

Now that we know that Hacking is not always evil, we can safely conclude that there is no harm in hiring a hacker. But should you hire a hacker to recover your social media account?

The answer is no. Hacking is a sophisticated skill and it should be used in a proper and appropriate manner. The answer to Why should I hire a hacker, is complicated but when should you hire a hacker? Only if it is strictly necessary. And no, recovering your Instagram account is not what comes under this criterion.


Hackers are usually seen as morally grey characters, who would do anything for money, or other times, a scam. That is why hiring a hacker for mundane tasks is a very bad idea. Also, trusting any hacker, you happen to encounter on the internet is pretty dumb.

If you have a legitimate task that cannot be handled other than by Hacking, then you should find the right channels from where you can contact reliable and ethical hackers who won’t scam you and rob you of your every last penny.

Now that we know that Hacking is not always illegal, we can safely say that hiring a hacker may be the right choice in some choice cases. Determining when to hire a hacker is no rocket science, but if you still feel unsure whether you should hire a hacker or not, here are some reasons that you can consider.

Reasons why you should hire a hacker:

1) To handle attacks on your system

If you have a big project going on that you are suspicious would be under cyberattacks, it is advisable to hire an ethical hacker to prevent any such attacks and ensure the safety of your system.

2) Precautions and preventive measures

Even if you have no reason to believe that any malicious hacker would be interested in your work, it is a good idea to safely measure your system using a hacker’s services rather than taking a risk. A hacker makes sure that your system is harder to penetrate into, and in a world where data is very valuable, you 100% want to ensure that your data is as safely guarded as possible.

3) Prevent abnormal losses

Oftentimes, cyberattacks lead to loss in time and energy of the staff in trying to figure out what went wrong, which leads to loss of the company’s valuable resources. Hackers can solve these problems more efficiently and even prevent such attacks.

4) Limited Liability

Having a hacker safeguarding all your block points can help in reducing liability in case of any cyber-attacks, leaks or breaches in your data system.

You can hire an ethical hacker who will create physical as well as virtual blocks that will make your computer system unbreachable or at the least, harder to breach.

No one can ensure that the system will never be broken into even after every precaution has been taken. This is because, preventing an attack means Blocking every path that a hacker can take in order to break into your system but the hacker doesn’t need more than just ONE path and if it figures out any such loophole, all the world’s safeguard won’t stop it from pillaging into your preciously guarded data.


No doubt hacking is a murky business, but in the fast paced, technologically advanced world of computers and mobiles where every aspect of your life is connected to your mobile and the internet, it is necessary to ensure the safety of your data. And for the big companies, this is an even bigger requirement as one breach in the system could mean loss of data that had taken months, years or even decades to collect and would ruin the lives of thousands of people, not including just their employees.

It is necessary that hackers are given better platforms to utilize their skills in a useful manner rather than just using it to cause harm or create mischief. It Is a formidable skill known to a selected few and if used properly, could prove exponentially useful for the world. windows-error-0x0-0x0-error-solve/ Or Hack.

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