How To Do Indian Patent Search?

Before 2015, the Indian Patent Information Retrieval System (IPAIRS) was used to conduct Indian patent searches. The Indian Patent Advanced Search System (InPASS), offered by Indian Patent Office, is a modernized version of search portal that allows for a full-text search of all Indian patents and patent applications. This is a free search portal, however it is very difficult to conduct patent search due to its user interface and limited information made available.    The Indian Patent Office also shares its Indian patent database with other paid patent search tools like Questel® etc. Therefore, patent agents often conduct Indian patent search using the paid search tools for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

It is crucial to conduct a thorough global patent search before filing a patent application. As mentioned above, IP India public search is another name for In PASS and is a quick way to check if the proposed invention does not already patented. The IP India public search is a public search system where Patent Attorney may conduct patent search within Indian Patent database.

The Importance of Conducting Indian Patent Search

The Indian patent search is a crucial step in the patent filing process because it helps:

  • Determine if you are infringing any live Indian patent by launching a product or service or using the patented technology. This helps in preventing any potential patent infringement scenario.
  • Determine the chances of getting the patent claim accepted for a proposed invention
  • Anticipate if there is any probability that the patent could be invalidated
  • Ascertain the claims that are being made while filing the patent application
  • Learn about any inventions in existence that may be similar to the one you are filing the patent for and the status of those patent filings

IPExcel patent specialists help you conduct a rigorous Indian patent search through the IP India public search before you apply and help in evaluation of the proposed invention.

Let us guide you through the process of the Indian patent search system.

How to conduct patent search using the Indian Patent Search System?

The following are the search parameters for running an Indian patent search – application date, application number, patent number, applicant name, inventor name, inventor address, inventor country, the field of inventions besides title, description, claims, and abstract on the InPASS website.

  • We at IPExcel assist you with conducting the Indian patent search by first entering the keywords that are relevant to your patent or invention.
  • We perform keyword searches along with ‘Boolean Operators’ and/or ‘Wild Cards’.
  • We use the search parameters – ‘Title’, ‘Abstract’, ‘Claims’, and ‘Description’.
  • The Indian patent search database allows searching for patent applications by entering the applicant’s name. The search result will display the title of all inventions published or granted against the name that is entered.
  • We, at IPExcel, are familiar with both the USPTO, EPO and WIPO patent search, which makes it convenient for us to conduct the Indian patent search as well as global patent search for our clients.

We also check the legal status of the patent applications through the Indian patent search database and bucket the results as per status such as published, under examination, granted, expired, abandoned etc..

If you need any assistance with Indian patent searches, the IPExcel legal team has years of experience to help you with professional and technically accurate patent searches that steer your patent filing process in the right direction. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your queries related to IP India public search or any other aspect of patent filing and registration. Our team will be delighted to help you!

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