How To Gain Additional Passive Income Through KuCoin

Who will not want to have an additional source of income other than their job? Well, now there are businesses in the world by which you can earn money by investing without much trouble and effort. The stock market and crypto are one of them, but crypto has significant advantages over the stock exchange because it is independent of government policies. The best option if you are planning to earn additional income from the crypto exchange is KuCoin, which is one of the most anticipated crypto exchange platforms and provides many ways to earn income other than just investing in the cryptos.

How To Gain Additional Passive Income With The Crypto

To gain additional income from crypto trading, first, you need a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform. There are many crypto exchange platforms, and the KuCoin is one of them that provides many ways to earn money and not just risky crypto investments. KuCoin is so successful that one out of every four crypto investors uses KuCoin to make profits. These are how you can earn a profit on the KuCoin.


Investing and trading in crypto is the primary way to earn profits on the crypto exchange platform. KuCoin offers a wide range of coins to invest in so that you have the authority to invest in 500 coins. It gives the feature of KCS which is the own currency of KuCoin, and with the help, you can trade from one coin to another without converting to BTC or ETH. KuCoin provides real-time data and many other features that help the user in their investment and can make a better layout of investment that has a higher chance to make a profit. The crypto market is open 24 hours a day, and it is tough to make timely decisions based on limited information. KuCoin provides the latest cryptocurrency news, and trading bot features so that you can make a profit even if you are not online. You can also view the live chart for  BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT and check the latest price on KuCoin trade page.

Interest On Loan

KuCoin not only just offers to trade in the coin, but you can also make a profit by giving loans on crypto, especially bitcoin. Many investors use the borrowed cryptos to do business, and you can earn the interest by freezing your cryptos for some time. This is a relatively easy and less risky method to make a profit compared to trading.

Affiliate Program

If you are an influencer or have an online audience, you can earn a commission of up to 50 percent by recommending to others about KuCoin. Kucoin has the feature of a referral program in which they pay up to 50 percent of their profit, and it can go for months. No amount is deducted from the referred person, and KuCoin pays you from their fees.

Crypto Mining Pool

Bitcoin mining has become problematic in recent years due to more complex equations and the need for more robust systems to solve them. You can earn money through bitcoin cloud mining, in which many devices work together to extract the coins, and the profit is shared according to the effort from each account. With the crypto mining pool, you can earn income by just being online.

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