Introducing The Transfer Analyst Feature In FIFA 23 Manager Career Mode

FIFA 23 Career mode has a new manager career feature. The Transfer Analyst rates the deals providing feedback so you can improve your negotiating skills.

Don’t miss the best FIFA 23 coins prices and offers only on U7Buy! FIFA 23 comes with updates for Career mode. We will focus on the manager career. This activity has a new feature. The transfer analyst feature will allow managers to improve their negotiation abilities. This new system will take into consideration the financial and team impact of the transfers. If you are missing FIFA coins, take a moment to check out U7Buy for attractive deals!

What You Need to Know About The Transfer Analyst Feature in FIFA 23 Manager Career

The transfer analyst feature will rate the monetary part of the transfers. You will receive a rating ranging from A to F. A means that the deal is lucrative. F means that you are likely to lose money. Players can check the left side of the screen to see the rating for a deal. This appears after you complete an incoming or outgoing deal. The rating for transfers is calculated based on the proportion between the transfer money and the price requested by the selling club. The agreed wage structure with the club that loans is the parameter for the loan rating. This new feature will allow managers to become better negotiators. You will see how close or far you are from the minimum acceptable sum of the selling club. If you are closer, you will get a better rating that will tell you that you did a good deal. To make sure this happens often, you should utilize the scouts. They will give you detailed info about the footballer you want to get. Full information about a scouted footballer includes the price they ask. This will help you prepare for the negotiation. The transfer analyst feature will also determine the impact of the new footballer on the team. This is calculated by comparing the footballer’s OVR with other valid options for the same position. If you purchase a player with a superior rating for your team average, the team impact OVR will be positive. However, don’t disregard the players that have the potential to improve over time. The transfer analyst will also check out the replacements in case you sell a footballer. The system will determine if you have a good replacement, if you need a backup, or if one of the players on the team might become a star. The transfer negotiation tension meter will show up during negotiations. The other party’s tension grows when you make a counteroffer.

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