Why Do You Need a Great CPS Rate As a Gamer?

Gaming is the only sport that will probably never be outdated. This is because new games are constantly being released. The greater your CPS rate, the higher the number of clicks you can make in a second. However, many gamers do not know why having a great click per second rate is vital. Below are some of the reasons you need to have a great CPS rate as a gamer.

Faster Speed

If you have a great CPS rate, it means that you react faster in a game. This is very important in many games, especially FPS games. Being able to click fast may be the difference between winning and losing in a game. Most special moves in many FPS games are made up of different combinations of clicks. So by having a greater CPS rate than your opponent, your chances of winning will be increased.

To Participate in Tournaments

Whether you play games as a hobby or as a career, you will still try to be the best at it. Tournaments are constantly being arranged by game lovers around the globe, to know the best gamers. Before you can even qualify for most of these tournaments, you need to have a great CPS rate. Many CPS rate tests are used to know how high a gamer’s CPS is. A great CPS rate will help you to build a successful gaming life.

Better Performance

One important factor in the performance of any gamer is his CPS rate. A great CPS rate will help you to perform better in games, as you react faster than your opponent. Being able to act faster than your opponent is a skill that has helped many popular gamers in many competitions.

To Take Gaming As a Career

Although gaming as a hobby and gaming as a sport is different, a great CPS rate is important in both. Before you can even think of entering gaming as a sport, you will need to have a high CPS. So once you have a great CPS rate, you are likely to have a successful career in gaming.

To Become a Famous Gamer

Since a great CPS rate will help improve your gaming performance, you are likely to get famous in gaming. Many popular gamers live to stream their matches to millions of fans and generate some money at the same time. This will help to increase your popularity in the world of gaming. Before long, you will have a long line of sponsors waiting for you.


Gaming is now one of the most important sports in the world. Whether you play as a career or as a hobby, a good CPS rate is very vital. This is because it helps in improving your all-round performance, you will need to make your CPS very high. Many gamers underestimate the importance of a good click speed test. To make you an exception, this article shows some of the benefits of a great CPS rate.

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