Tips For Wearing Wigs For Everyday Users

Wigs are an instant way of enhancing your style, personality, and confidence. The daily usage of wigs is becoming common day by day, as there are now an array of wig choices available online and in stores. While most people wear wigs to enhance their looks, many wear them to hide alopecia, thin hair, and hair loss from certain medical conditions like cancer. However, more and more people are becoming used to wearing wigs daily at work, or even at home, doing typical house chores. 

If you are an everyday user of wigs or just a beginner at wearing wigs daily, here we will discuss a few essential tips for wearing your desired wigs with ease, comfort, and style. Let’s begin. 

Ensure That Your Wig Is Your Size

Before investing in your desired wig, make sure that it fits your size appropriately. Your comfort comes first; hence it is necessary to double-check your head measurements before you buy a wig. Wearing a wig that fits perfectly on your head will not slide away from its place and does not cause irritation or itchiness on the scalp. In our previous blog, we discussed different types of head shapes. Thus, know your size and shape before buying your favorite hair. 

Keep Your Hot Styling Tools Clean

If you use a heat-resistant synthetic wig for everyday use, ensure that you keep your hot styling tools clean and dirt-free. Doing so will help your wig stay away from as much dust as possible, with no residue build-up from old products. If you follow this step religiously, your wig will remain clean for longer. It means you would not have to wash it frequently, thus extending your wig’s lifespan. 

Switch Up Your Wigs

If you are an avid user of wigs, you might want to consider buying two or three different styles in your collection so that you can rotate your wigs every alternate day between washings. By rotating your wigs, you can avoid them from wear and tear damage, thus extending their lifespan. You would also have to wash them less often and have different options and styles to choose from the everyday! 

Wash Your Wig When Necessary

Consider washing your wig frequently whenever required to make it fresh, new, and clean. However, the frequency of washing your daily wig depends on a few factors, such as what type of climate you live in, how often you use that particular wig if you use any styling products, and how active you are in your daily life. But, as a rule of thumb, a wig should be washed every seven to nine days if you are an everyday user or after seven to nine wear-times if you wear wigs occasionally. Furthermore, for washing your wig, use products that are specially designed for the latter. You can find wig shampoos and conditioners online and in stores everywhere. 

Do Not Forget To Wear A Cap Liner

Wearing a wig cap liner creates a barrier between your scalp and the wig, thus keeping it safe from scalp oils and residue. Therefore, consider wearing a cap liner made of bamboo, nylon, or meshwork to help your wig stay clean and fresh. The cap liners also help your natural hair to remain in its place under the wig without any unnecessary strands showing out, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. 

Store Your Wig Properly

By the end of the day, when it is time to take off your wing, make sure you store it safely to avoid any damage. A mannequin or a wig stand is the best option to buy and appropriately keep your curly wigs. They also prevent the wig from tangling and getting dirty. 

Use Ear Tabs For A Neat Look

Every wig you buy comes with ear tabs that guide you with the perfect wig placement on your head. If the ear tabs are in line on each side of your head, your wig is placed ideally. The ear tabs also include plastic or metal pieces, helping your wig fit your head size. If those pieces stick out, press them until they flatten out for a more neat, natural, and realistic look. 

Do Not Forget To Keep A Wide Tooth Comb With You

Wearing a wig all day can make it messy and tangled. Therefore, it is essential to keep a wide-tooth comb in your bag to detangle and comb your wig throughout the day when required. Wide-tooth combs are the best option for detangling a wig compared to regular combs or brushes, as they can make your wig look frizzy and damage your curls if any. 

Do This To Tame Flyaways

If your wig looks extra bouncy with loads of flyaways, here is the trick to tame them. Rub your hands together, creating warmth. Press it against your wig from top to bottom to flatten that extra bounce. Keep doing it twice or thrice, and you will get a natural-looking, neater look. 

Take Off Your Wig Before Sleeping

Sleeping in your wig will create friction between the hair and pillow covers, causing tangles, knots, and frizziness. Therefore, your wig requires extra care and time for styling and detangling before washing. Sleeping in the wig also reduces its life expectancy, causing unnecessary damage. 

Do Not Keep Touching The Wig

As you spend your typical day, do not keep touching your wig or play with it by combing or brushing unnecessarily. If you keep adjusting your wig, it might slide off its place, ruining your style and causing scalp irritation and itching. 

Wrapping Up

Honestly, all the wig users would rather not have others know they are wearing wigs. The whole reason to use wigs is to feel confident and beautiful as anyone does in their natural hair. Fortunately, by following all the tips mentioned above, you can get the most natural look while wearing a wig, regardless of its type: human hair or synthetic. Comment below if you have any questions!

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