Is There a Salary Difference between SBI Clerk 2022 and SBI PO Exam?

Bank POs and clerks have essential roles to play, but they also have a lot of room for advancement. If you pass the clerical exam, you will be eligible for advancement to the position of a bank PO in a few years.

SBI Clerk 2022 is an examination that several aspirants for banking jobs hope to pass. The reason is that passing this exam will give them a chance to enter the most prestigious bank in the country. Students from many disciplines are encouraged to apply for internships and jobs in the Indian banking industry because of the wide range of opportunities available. In addition to a good income, facilities such as additional bonuses and allowances are also provided. Many candidates want to take the exam each year to secure a prestigious position in the banking industry.

Differentiation between a bank PO and a bank clerk

As a bank clerk, you’ll have lower pay and a lower position in the bank. As the supervisor of the clerical staff, the PO holds a higher status than a clerk.

However, it’s a huge advantage when you can start your banking career as a bank PO. The benefits include getting a direct appointment in SBI bank after clearing the SBI PO exam.

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Roles and responsibilities of bank PO and clerk

SBI POs and clerks have several commonalities in their job responsibilities. Nevertheless, significant variances exist, too. The main difference is that bank POs supervise clerical positions. As a PO, you will have more obligations than a clerk, and you will also be held accountable for any mistakes made by the clerks under your supervision. Listed below are the specifics of the tasks of bank POs and clerks.

The bank PO’s responsibilities

  • A bank PO additionally serves as a public relations officer, and their services are required in practically every department, including finance and accounting.
  • They are also in charge of overseeing the company’s daily cash flow and the clerical staff.
  • They handle a variety of inter-departmental tasks.
  • The bank PO is responsible for checking, verifying, and even conducting site visits in connection with loan approvals.
  • Authorisation to issue a wide range of vital papers can be delegated to these individuals.
  • They are responsible for handling consumer complaints and general customer inquiries.
  • In the first two years, the bank PO is expected to perform a wide range of tasks, including clerical and management duties, to understand the bank’s many activities and operations.

The bank clerk’s duties and responsibilities

  • The bank clerk is in charge of assisting customers with any form of transactions at the bank.
  • The bank clerk must answer consumer questions about transactions.
  • It is their job to deposit and collect customers’ cheques and loan payments.
  • The SBI clerk may be required to serve as both a cashier and a cashier in an emergency. This necessitates them to have a working knowledge of demand drafts, cheques, and other relevant forms and documents.
  • Documentation and ledger maintenance, balance tally, data entry, and other comparable duties need to be performed.
  • The bank clerk is responsible for checking and updating all payment and deposit-related data in the bank’s computer system.
  • They are also responsible for assisting the administrative department with their work.
  • They must scrutinise to ensure that all documents related to plans and applications are complete, authentic, viable, and properly written.

Payscale for clerk and PO offered by SBI

 Salary for SBI PO Salary for SBI Clerk
Payscale range – Rs 27,620/- to Rs 42,020/- INR Payscale range – Rs 13,075/- to Rs 31,540/- INR


Allowances and Perks

Dearness allowance, travelling allowance, leased house accommodation, city compensatory allowance, furniture allowance, medical allowance, petrol, loan benefits and miscellaneous

Allowances and Perks

House accommodation, dearness allowance, medical insurance, provident fund, and pension

To begin your career in the banking industry, the bank PO position is more advantageous than the clerk position in terms of pay and perks. However, even while it’s a better job than one as a clerk, it also comes with more obligations and duties. A person with no previous work experience may find it more difficult to handle the bank PO role than a clerical one.

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