Leaping online: games that have evolved massively in the internet age

It’s a safe assumption that our lives would be much, much different without the internet. For one thing, it’s helped to make life, work and play extremely convenient! Whether it’s collaborating with others on projects or simply keeping in touch with family and friends, we have a lot to thank the web for.

The same goes for games. While board and card games are still massively popular in their own right, there has been a fantastic push towards the evolution of traditional games over the past decade or so. For example, fans of lotto and other games can hop online and claim a few bingo bonus offers – it’s that easy.

Let’s look at a few games that have changed massively in the past few years thanks to the continuing expansion of the internet.


It’s comfortable to say that poker has exploded online. While playing poker was previously restricted to physical tables – whether at casinos or through the occasional game with colleagues and friends – online poker has opened up a world of fun and opportunity to millions of people. It’s now easy to find poker lounges all over the world, and you only ever need a smartphone to get started.

Poker is also a huge career opportunity for millions, too. Many are able to make money from playing poker online, not just on the physical circuits. That said, this does still come with its risks!


Bingo has seen an incredible boom in the past few years. Thanks to an explosion of bingo websites emerging at the start of the 00s heading into the 10s, many people have moved away from the bingo halls of old to start enjoying the game on the web. Online bingo carries plenty of extra perks, too. There are themed rooms, games, and, as mentioned, bonus opportunities.

Online bingo has also opened up the game to a whole new generation of players. While the game may have fallen out of interest to a physical extent without the web, ease of access and exciting new ways to play now mean people of all ages get involved with a bit of dabbing.

Word games

Traditional word games have expanded hugely online, whether playing against others or just taking a moment or two out of the day to solve some puzzles. Take 2022’s killer app – Wordle – which is quickly converting hundreds of thousands of users into daily wordsmiths.

However, the word puzzle craze extends long before Wordle came along. Words With Friends, a social twist on word-making games, allowed people from all over the globe to play friendly rounds of tactical lexicography with a simple app and a data connection.

For all its detractors, we do still have a lot to thank the internet for. Whether it’s through watching movies, promoting music or playing games – modern life has, for the most part, never been more convenient – and we’re just getting started.

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