As soon as we link the younger generation and technology, it is human mind conditioning to come up with a list of negative aspects first. However, we know that every coin has two sides and we often overlook the other side. Indeed, excess of anything is not good, and the younger generation is obsessed with technology. But if we keep our negative mind aside and turn the coin, we will see countless benefits and positive effects of technology on the youth.

This is the era of digitalization. We can’t think of any sector that can function properly and effectively without technological devices. Smartphones, laptops, and computers have become as important as food and clothing for us. We cannot imagine a world devoid of technology now.


The IT sector is one of the major developments done by the human race. It has completely changed the image of the world. Every generation is deemed to use it but it is separately linked with the youth. They are taking utmost benefits it has to offer them such as:

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 The internet is a pool of information available to us in our hands. One-click on our smartphones and we have the answer to all our questions. Youth is full of questions, doubts, confusion and they shy away from asking it personally. It can be in academics, sports, relationships, mental health, or anything else. They just have to put in their questions and they have the results in hand. However, modern technology does not even ask you to type in your questions. Voice search has made it easier and faster for them to get clarity on what they want.


To parents, it may appear like their children do not take any guidance or do not listen to anybody. This is an illusion. They may not ask parents or other elders for guidance but they do many websites and applications are designed to help people. Some of these applications have speakers that give audible guidance on matters of concern, free of cost.

Often it happens that the youth are full of energy and motivation but they just need the right direction, such guides and experts use these platforms to channelize their energy in the right and beneficial direction. It’s true that a lot of youngsters shy away from coming forward and seek guidance but the virtual world releases that shyness.


The internet provides students with books, worksheets, quizzes, and other learning material they need. Distant education has become popular in the last few decades. Other than that they can get details regarding schools, colleges, universities sitting at their homes. Students preparing for various competitive exams like UPSC, SSC (in India) get regular updates, guidance, success tips, etc easily. Various knowledge-based applications, YouTube channels, have made learning interesting and enjoyable. 

Creativity mingled with technology is doing wonders to engage students in gaining knowledge. People believe that the young generation wastes their time on these devices but they do learn a lot in one way or the other.


When any new technological advancement comes up, the younger generation is the first one to try, learn, and adopt it. It is like a norm for them to develop their life around it. After all, they were born in the IT era.

Modern technology like voice search features and audible content have made it even more interesting to use technology as a magic wand. Everybody loves getting things done at their command. The rise in voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo,

Google Home, etc is because it is engaging youth to have things done for them as soon as they speak about it.

On the internet, youngsters are learning a lot as there is no limit to information. They are getting more innovative, learning to think beyond the horizons, getting access to technological studies at a very young age. Mark Zuckerberg was only 19 when he introduced the social giant- Facebook, to the world. Would it be possible if he wasn’t engrossed in technology? He is still an inspiration for youngsters who aim at developing something even more innovative and creative.

The digital world opens up various ways for the young generation to interact with like-minded individuals. The advancements in technology have paved more learning ways. Several question and answer platforms have given opportunities for youngsters to feel valued and heard where they interact and share their views with others. Digital platforms that aim at promoting and bringing out the talents of youngsters have also increased with the advancement in the technology area.

If we talk about the youth belonging to rural areas, or students belonging to lower economic backgrounds, the mobile-friendly websites and applications have given them easier access to the information and knowledge on the internet. Various knowledge and educational platforms are working in regional languages so that these youngsters may also get the benefit of technology

How adolescents have been impacted by technology is significant. It is to be noted that anything can be used in both good and bad ways. One person may use it in an addictive way that affects them negatively. Another person may use it to learn, grow, and succeed. Modern technology is becoming a guide for youngsters, with no technological developments aimed at

ruining the users. Technology is all about making life easier, providing easy access to information, opening up new opportunities, and so on.

The younger generation and technology are a deadly combination. There is no future in the world without technology. Everything has its pros and cons, and modern technology has both. If we weigh them, the benefits derived by the younger generation will severely outweigh the negative impacts. To be precise, the life of youth is all about exploring, and modern technology is the solution for them.

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