How do you pass SAA CO2? / What is the passing score for SAA CO2?

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-CO2) examination is for those people who are in the solutions architect role. This exam attests the person’s ability, skills and validate his ability to demonstrate knowledge of how to architect and deploy secure applications on AWS technologies. Services like SPOTO are 100% real AWS SAA-CO2 dumps that can help you understand and pass the exam. On passing the exam, a certificate is given that helps to find jobs.

AWS Certification Exam             

The AWS certificate after passing the SAA-CO2 helps you to secure and consolidate your position and increase your profit potential. You have to pass SAA-CO2 to get this AWS certification. The certificate depends on your background. This exam tests your skills and verifies that your skills are worth it. There are many platforms and websites that provide the learning material and all the necessary material that is required to pass the exam. The study material is often self-study but you can also find instructors that will help in understanding the exam and preparing exam material. There are many AWS exam dump that covers all the exam questions and answers that will help you understand exams. It also helps you understand different topics. The exam fee is 150 $ USD and it is valid for 3 years. The exam duration is 130 minutes. This exam consists of 65 questions. There are two types of questions in exams:

  • Multiple choice: has one correct answer and three incorrect answers
  • Multiple responses: has two or more correct answers out of five or more questions

Who should take this exam?

There are certain skills that a person should have to take the SAA-CO2 exam and to get a certificate. A person who has experience of at least one year in designing an available, cost-effective, and scalable distribution systems on AWS. A person having experience deploying, managing, and operating on AWS. He should have a clear understanding of AWS networking and security services. He should have familiarity with the AWS management console and AWS command-line interface. People with such skills should take this exam to get AWS certificates. 

How to pass SAA-CO2

Various platforms provide information and learning material that will help you understand the exam and pass the paper. Following are some of the ways to pass the exam. 

  1. Understand the SAA-CO2 pattern. There are 65 questions and 130 minutes to complete it. There are usually two types of questions: multiple choice and multiple response questions. Most of the questions are one to two-line scenarios followed by questions.
  2. You need to understand the complete course of SAA-CO2. Students should know the format of the paper and make a complete study guide. Find the resources that you will need to study for the exam.
  3. The knowledge required is that there are four test domains. Within each domain there are various objectives and experience that is needed to pass the exam:
  • Test Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures

This domain makes up 30% of the exam. To pass this domain, you must understand the various object and file storage technologies such as Amazon EBS, Amazon EFS, etc.

  • Test Domain 2: Design high-performance architectures

This domain makes up 28% of the exam and to clear this domain you need to be able to select the best storage and database services.

  • Test domain 3: Design secure Applications and Architectures

This domain makes up 24% of the exam. To pass this exam, you must understand native AWS technologies and solution architectures to create applications. You must also know how to design separation and isolation through AWS service architectures. You must also understand how to implement logging and monitoring using Amazon cloud watch and AWS cloud trail.

  • Test Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures

This domain makes up 18% of the exam. It requires architects to consider cost-effectiveness when deploying applications on AWS. You have to understand different cost-effective models of computing and storage services. You should be able to understand technologies such as AWS Lambda, Amazon aurora serverless, etc.

  1. To pass the exam, you should know the subjects so that you easily understand the concept of each subject. Some of the recommendations of the key concepts are as follows:
  • Storage

You should know Amazon S3 storage tiers. You should also know its features and limitations. You should also know about its policies. For the Amazon elastic file system you must have complete knowledge of the operating system. You must also know Amazon deletion protection options.

  • Compute

In this, you must have complete knowledge on how to scale an auto-scaling group. You should also know about high-performance computing with AWS. You should also know the difference between Elastic Network Adaptors, Elastic Network Interfaces, and Elastic Network Fabrics. A complete knowledge about maximum execution time for AWS lambda. You should also have a complete understanding of different EC2 pricing models.

  • Network

Complete knowledge about AWS Global Accelerator and its causes and a complete understanding of when to use CloudFront. You should know the clear difference between PrivateLink and ClassicLink. You should know the patterns for extending a secure environment into AWS and connecting multiple accounts. 

  • Database

You have to completely understand Amazon Aurora and Amazon Aurora serverless. You should also know which RDS databases can read replicas. You should also know which databases are key-value stores.

  • Application Integration

You should know use cases for Amazon Simple Queue Service and simple notification service. Understand the difference between Amazon Kinesis Firehose and SQS. To get more information certification guide find out this here

  1. Find online tutoring that will help you to understand the exam and help in learning different topics.
  2. Conduct a practice exam to evaluate your preparation for the exam.

Passing score for SAA-CO2

The AWS Certified Solutions Architects-Associate examination is intended for individuals who perform in Solution Architect role. The total number of questions are 65 and time required is 130 minutes. The passing score for SAA-CO2 is 720 out of 1000. After passing the exam of SAA-CO2 you get certificate. 

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